Road Trip in Wyoming

As you make your way across Wyoming, you may feel transported back to the times of the early American pioneers. You'll experience the same breathtaking natural wonders and walk the same historic grounds of our country's earliest inhabitants.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know before embarking on your WY road trip. Keep reading for more information on Wyoming driving laws, major highways, and of course, the attractions you won't want to miss.

WY Rules of the Road

To avoid traffic tickets and, even more so, accidents, you'll want to be familiar with Wyoming driving laws before getting on the road.

As a quick point of reference, look over our WY safety laws guide. These laws tend to vary from state to state, so it's important that you familiarize yourself with the rules specific to Wyoming.

Then, when you have some free time, take a look at the Wyoming driver's manual. These traffic laws might seem familiar, but there's no harm in refreshing your knowledge on the best (and safest) driving practices.

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Acceptable Driver's Licenses

Now that you've read over Wyoming's rules of the road, it's time to make sure you have an acceptable driver's license in order to drive legally in WY.

Major WY Highways

The major roads you'll encounter on your Wyoming road trip are interstate highways (I) and U.S. routes (US). Both types of highways are ideal road trip routes since they tend to connect to other states and usually run through major cities.

Below, you'll find a list of Wyoming's major interstate and U.S. routes, the cities they run through, and the states they connect to (when applicable):

  • I-25 (north to south).
    • Passes through Buffalo, Kaycee, Casper, Douglas, Glendo, Wheatland, Chugwater, and Cheyenne.
    • Continues into Colorado.
  • I-80 (west to east).
    • Runs through Evanston, Green River, Rock Springs, Table Rock, Creston, Rawlins, Sinclair, Elk Mountain, Laramie, Cheyenne, and Burns.
    • Connects to Utah and Nebraska.
  • I-90 (west to east).
    • Goes through Sheridan, Buffalo, Gillette, Moorcroft, Sundance, and Beulah.
    • Runs into Montana and South Dakota.
  • US-14 (west to east).
    • Intersects Yellowstone National Park, Cody, Burlington, Shell, Ranchester, Sheridan, Clearmont, Gillette, Sundance, and Beulah.
    • Continues into South Dakota.
  • US-16 (west to east).
    • Passes through Greybull, Worland, Buffalo, Clearmont, Gillette, Upton, and Newcastle.
    • Goes into South Dakota.
  • US-20 (west to east).
    • Runs through Kirby, Shoshoni, Waltman, Casper, Glenrock, Douglas, Lusk, and Van Tassell.
    • Passes into Nebraska.
  • US-30 (west to east).
    • Goes through Sage, Kemmerer, Opal, Granger, Little America, Green River, Rock Springs, Creston, Rawlins, Hanna, Medicine Bow, Bosler, Laramie, and Red Buttes.
    • Continues into Idaho and Nebraska.
  • US-85 (north to south).
    • Intersects Four Corners, Newcastle, Riverview, Hat Creek, Lusk, Torrington, Meriden, and Cheyenne.
    • Runs into South Dakota and Colorado.
  • US-89 (north to south).
    • Goes through Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park, Moran, Jackson, Alpine, Etna, Auburn, Afton, and Smoot.
    • Continues into Montana and Idaho.

Wyoming Attractions

Wyoming is filled with must-see destinations that are sure to educate you, entertain you, or take your breath away. As you cross the Cowboy State, be sure to stop by at least a few of the following recommended attractions.

Naturally Wyoming

Wyoming is largely comprised of untouched natural landscapes and the perfect place to spend some quality time outdoors. So, if you've got cabin fever and are craving fresh Wyoming air, you won't want to miss:

  • Yellowstone National Park—covers multiple WY counties.
    • You'll never run out of things to do and see at the world's first national park.
    • Home to the Old Faithful geyser, rolling pine forests, lakes, mountain ranges, and more.
  • Grand Teton National Park—Moose, WY.
    • Spend a serene weekend surrounded by mythical mountain ranges, the winding Snake River, and an abundance of Wyoming wildlife.
  • Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge—Green River, WY.
    • See (and hunt in certain seasons) mammals, fish, and birds native to Wyoming in their natural Green River habitat.
  • Hot Springs State Park—Thermopolis, WY.
    • You'll feel rejuvenated after spending time in the world's largest mineral hot springs, complete with bath houses and bison viewing.
  • Jackson Hole—Jackson, WY.
    • Whether you're a winter sports enthusiast with a love of skiing and snowboarding or are in the mood for mountain biking, climbing or horseback riding, Jackson Hole is a year-round paradise.
  • Devils Tower National Monument—Devils Tower, WY.
    • Visit this ancient and unusual rock formation, which earned the title as our country's first national monument and even played a role in the earliest Native American ceremonies.

Historic Wyoming Attractions

Over the years, Wyoming has seen a lot of action around the settling of the west, conflict with the Native Americans, and even controversy during World War II. If this is the sort of American history you're interested in, be sure to visit:

  • Wyoming State Museum—Cheyenne, WY.
    • This museum will take you through Wyoming's complete natural and cultural history with exhibits of dinosaur fossils, Native American artifacts, and pioneer paraphernalia.
  • Independence Rock—Casper, WY.
    • A massive rock used as a marker for the earliest pioneers, whose inscribed names can still be seen in the sediment.
  • Fort Laramie—Laramie, WY.
    • Tour around one of the American west's most famous forts, used initially as a trading post and eventually as a military outpost during Native American conflicts.
  • Historic Governor's Mansion—Cheyenne, WY.
    • See how Wyoming's governors and their families lived as you take a tour of the beautiful, fully-furnished mansion, originally constructed just after Wyoming earned its statehood.
  • Heart Mountain Interpretive Center—Powell, WY.
    • Learn about the lives of the Japanese Americans who were forced to live in this internment camp during World War II through interactive exhibits, pictures, and artifacts.

Wyoming Arts & Culture

Wyoming arts and culture are very specific to the state, and can be hard to come by anywhere else in the world. Take your time and soak up all that the WY artistic and cultural scene has to offer by visiting the following:

  • National Museum of Wildlife Art—Jackson, WY.
    • This museum is a must-visit for animal lovers, as it's home to a huge collection of wildlife-centric artwork, dating from ancient renderings up to modern day pieces.
  • Whitney Western Art Museum—Cody, WY.
    • A museum dedicated to honoring the natural beauty of the American West through different artists who utilize all kinds of artistic mediums.
  • Buffalo Bill Museum—Cody, WY.
    • Get an inside look at the legendary life and career of one of our country's most prolific cultural icons.
  • Big Horn Rodeo Circuit—various cities throughout the year.
    • Nothing says the American west like a rodeo, which is why you won't want to miss one of these unforgettable events.
  • WYO Theater—Sheridan, WY.
    • Catch a show at this unique venue, originally built as a vaudeville theater and now used for all kinds of live performances.

Family Friendly WY Attractions

If you're traveling with kids, the perfect destinations are those that are engaging, entertaining, or educational. Below you'll find family friendly attractions that are sure to keep you and your kids happy:

  • Kindness Ranch—Hartville, WY.
    • Spend the day (or weekend) at this animal sanctuary, which takes in dogs, cats, and farm animals once used for laboratory and veterinary testing.
  • Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tours—Cody, WY.
    • Take your family on an unforgettable (and educational) tour through the natural habitats of Wyoming's wild mustangs.
  • Tate Geological Museum—Casper, WY.
    • Seeing dinosaur and mammoth skeletons up close, along with an interactive kids' exhibit, is sure to give your family a unique glimpse into the past.
  • The Science Zone—Casper, WY.
    • Interactive exhibits encourage kids of all ages and interests to learn about a variety of scientific subjects.
  • Lander Children's Museum—Lander, WY.
    • This hands-on museum is a great way for younger kids to explore the topics of space, dinosaurs, science, and more.

Wyoming Oddities

If you're looking for WY destinations that are a little (or a lot) more off the beaten path, you'll want to stop by a few of the following attractions:

  • Fossil Cabin—Medicine Bow, WY.
    • Technically, this is the oldest building in the world, as it's constructed almost entirely of fossils and dinosaur bones.
  • Smith Mansion—Cody, WY.
    • One man's dream and ultimate demise is manifested in this dystopian and now-decrepit mansion.
  • World's Largest Jackalope—Douglas, WY.
    • Whether you believe this half-rabbit, half-antelope hybrid really exists, you won't want to miss a photo opportunity with this giant sculpture.
  • Tree Rock—Buford, WY.
    • An odd little tree growing straight out of a rock on the side of the road; this is a prehistoric, natural wonder you have to see to believe!
  • Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport—Green River, WY.
    • Stop by an out-of-this-world landing strip, which was established by Green River locals who wanted to give extraterrestrial life a safe place to land, if needed.
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