Types of Special License Plates in Wyoming

SUMMARY: Wyoming Specialty License Plates

Several types of special license plates are offered to residents of Wyoming. You can order personalized license plates, a University of Wyoming plate, and plates for veterans and service members. You can also get historical or classic car tags for qualifying vehicles.

Keep reading to learn more about types of special license plates available from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).


Personalized Prestige Plates in WY

In Wyoming, you can apply for a personalized prestige license plate as long as your custom tag number meets WYDOT guidelines.

Prestige plates CAN have:

  • Up to 5 letters OR a combination of 5 characters (letters, numbers, and/or spaces).
  • ONLY capital letters and numbers.

Prestige plate combinations CANNOT:

  • Include symbols.
  • Have more than 3 W's and/or 3 M's.
  • Consist entirely of numbers UNLESS the first digit is a “0".
  • Consist of all numbers followed by 1 letter.
  • Include obscene or vulgar language.
  • Be already in use by another vehicle.

You can check to see if the plate you want is available on the WYDOT website.

The fee for a personalized prestige plate is $30 PLUS standard WY registration fees and renewal fees.

See our page on Applying for Special License Plates for application information.

University of Wyoming Tag

A University of Wyoming plate is also available, allowing you to show support for the college.

The fee for University of Wyoming plate is $130 PLUS regular registration fees and renewal fees:

  • $100 goes toward scholarships and student programs.
  • $30 is a special plate fee.

Our Applying for Special License Plates page has information about applying for these plates.

Military License Plates

WYDOT issues a variety of license plates for military veterans.

To qualify for these license plates, you'll need to show proof that your military service reflects the designation represented on the license plate, such as your:

  • Discharge papers.
  • Military ID.
  • Certification from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Military plates are available for:

  • Veterans of each branch of service.
  • Purple Heart recipients.
  • Former prisoners of war (POWs).
  • Army Guard and Air Guard members.
  • Gold Star families.

Fees for military plates vary, for example:

For other fees, contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation online or call (307) 777-4709.

Classic & Historic WY Plates

Several tag options for historic and classic vehicles are available from WYDOT.

All historic and classic vehicle plates REQUIRE that you:

  • Use your vehicle ONLY for club activities, exhibitions, and similar events.
  • DO NOT use your vehicle for everyday transportation.

In addition to the limitations listed above, each type of plate has specific qualifications.

When you've picked a license plate, visit our Applying for Special Plates in Wyoming page for application instructions.

Pioneer Plate

  • Eligibility requirements:
    • You have been a WY resident for a minimum of 1 year.
    • Your vehicle is at least 25 years old.
  • Fee: $10.

Street Rod License Plate

  • Eligibility requirements:
    • You've been a Wyoming resident for 1 year or longer.
    • Your vehicle is:
      • Altered from its original design OR built with body materials that are not original.
      • A 1948 model or earlier OR made after 1948 to look like it was made before 1949.
  • Fee: $100.

Custom Vehicle Plate

  • Eligibility requirements:
    • You've been a resident of WY for at least 1 year.
    • Your vehicle is:
      • Modified from its original design OR has non-original materials that make up the body.
      • At least 25 years old AND a 1948 model or newer OR made to look like such a vehicle.
  • Fee: $100.

Other Types of Special Plates

Other available Wyoming special tags have eligibility requirements AND a plate fee charged IN ADDITION to standard registration fees:

  • Amateur Radio plates for those with FCC licenses:
    • Requires at least a novice FCC license.
    • Fee: $30.
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) tags for current EMTs.
    • Requires proof of EMT employment.
    • Fee: $30.
  • Firefighter license plates for employed and retired firefighters.
    • Requires a letter of eligibility from the fire chief or approved assistant.
    • Fee: $30.

Learn more about applying for these plates on our Applying for Special License Plates page.

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