Salvaged Vehicles in Wyoming

A salvaged car might feel like a total loss (in fact, that’s what your insurance company calls it), but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Follow along as we go over the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s (WYDOT) regulations when it comes to handling a salvaged vehicle.

What Is a Salvaged Car in WY?

A salvaged car in Wyoming is one that has sustained so much damage from a wreck or other accident that an insurance company declares it a “total loss” and/or the cost for repairs would exceed 75 of the car’s actual cash value.

This requirement DOES NOT apply to cars with over 8 years of service, commercial vehicles, or trailers.

Salvage Settlement Options

When you have a totaled car on your hands, generally* you’ll file a total loss claim with your auto insurance provider. After confirming your car meets the criteria for a total loss, your insurer will likely offer the following settlement options:

  • Full settlement:
    • You accept full payout from your provider, minus any deductions.
    • Your insurance company takes vehicle ownership.
    • Besides satisfying any liens (if applicable), the car becomes the insurance company’s responsibility.
  • Partial settlement:

Going forward, we’ll assume you kept the car with the eventual goal of obtaining a rebuilt title.

*NOTE: You (or your lienholder) can declare the car a total loss and apply for a salvaged title without involving your insurance company, granted it meets the repair cost criteria. Call the WYDOT at (307) 777-4375 for details. 

Apply for a WY Salvaged Title

To apply for a Wyoming salvaged title, you need to submit the following to the Department of Transportation:

  • Car title in your name.
  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection Form (Form MV-300A).
  • Documentation confirming your car’s total loss status, like:
    • A letter from your insurance company detailing your total loss claim settlement.
    • An appraisal from an independent entity (if you didn’t involve your insurance provider).  
  • Payment for the $15 title fee.

Submit all of the above to the county clerk’s office that issued car’s original title. Once you have your salvaged title, you can start repairing your vehicle. 

Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle Decals

Once you’ve rebuilt your salvaged car, you’ll need to apply for a free rebuilt salvage vehicle decal by sending:

Mail the above items to:

Attn: Motor Vehicle Services
5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82009

When you receive the decal, attach it to the driver’s side door jamb on your rebuilt salvage car. If you have a rebuilt motorcycle, attach the decal across from the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the fork crown, making sure the VIN is still visible.

This decal is important because it discloses the car’s once-salvaged status to any potential buyers (and you’re legally required to have one on your rebuilt vehicle before you can take any further steps towards getting your car back on the road).

The county clerk will include a Certification of Correct VIN Number form with the rebuilt salvage vehicle decal. Do not lose this form! You’ll need it to have your car inspected, which we’ll get into next.

VIN & Decal Inspection

Once you’ve attached the decal, bring your reconstructed car and Certification of Correct VIN Number form to a law enforcement agency (usually a sheriff’s office or city police station – call ahead) so an officer can inspect the:

  • Rebuilt salvage vehicle decal.
  • Vehicle identification number (for theft prevention purposes).

It costs $10 per inspection of the rebuilt salvage vehicle decal AND per vehicle identification number if you have the inspections performed at different times. However, if you have both inspections at the same time, you can expect to pay a single $10 fee.

After your car passes the inspections, the officer will sign off on the Certification of Correct VIN Number application and you can apply for a rebuilt title!

Rebuilt Titles in Wyoming

To apply for a Wyoming rebuilt title, visit your county clerk’s office with:

If you’re registering the car, head over to our guide on WY car registrations for additional documents and fees you’ll need to provide.

With a rebuilt vehicle title (and registration) you can legally drive your car again!

If you have additional questions about applying for a rebuilt title, call the Wyoming DOT at (307) 777-4375 for help.

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