Replacing a Lost Registration in Wyoming

A missing registration can be extremely stressful—it’s an important document that you’ll want to replace quickly to avoid getting a ticket!

Luckily, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) allows you to replace your lost registration items with a straightforward process. Keep reading for steps and details!

Replace a WY Registration Card or Stickers

If you lose or damage your registration certificate or plate stickers, you’ll need to visit a county treasurer’s office in person to request a new one.

You’ll typically be asked to provide your:

  • License plate number.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Current registration card, if you’re replacing your decal.
  • Damaged registration or stickers, if available.
  • Payment for the:
    • $4 duplicate registration fee.
    • $6 duplicate sticker fee.

Please contact your local county treasurer’s office if you have any questions about replacing a plate sticker or registration.

Replace Wyoming License Plates

Getting duplicate license plates differs based on whether you have:

  • Non-embossed plates.
  • Embossed plates.

Duplicate Non-Embossed License Plates

You can obtain new WY license plates if yours have been lost, stolen, or damaged by mailing a request* to your county treasurer.

Depending on what type of plate you have currently, you may be able to replace your lost or damaged plate with either a duplicate plate, with identical numbers and design as your existing plate, or a new plate with new numbers. Details are below.

To mail your request for a new license place, include a:

  • Completed Application for New or Duplicate License Plates (Form MV-405).
  • Payment made out to “County Treasurer” for the applicable fee:
    • $8 replacement license plate fee, for a new plate with new numbers.
    • $30 duplicate license plate fee, which will have the same numbers and design as your previous plate.
      • ONLY specialty, prestige, and preferred number series plates can be duplicated. Duplicates of lost or stolen license plates can ONLY be displayed AFTER the registration decal expires on the missing plate.

Once you have these items, mail your form and payment to your county treasurer.

When you get your new plates, surrender your registration card and old plates (if available) to your county treasurer’s office.

*NOTE: If you prefer, you MAY be able to complete the process in person—but check with your local county treasurer’s office to make sure before your visit.

Duplicate Embossed WY Plates

You can replace your embossed Wyoming license plates by mailing an application and payment to the WY Department of Transportation.

In the envelope, include:

  • A completed Application for Embossed Plates (Form MV-145).
  • A copy of your registration.
  • Payment for the $50 embossed plate fee, made payable to “WYDOT”.

Mail your form and payment to:

ATTN: Motor Vehicle Services
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009

It can take up to 12 weeks for WYDOT to process your application. Your plates will be mailed to the county treasurer’s office where your vehicle is registered—you’ll need to pick them up there.

If you need additional support, please call WYDOT at (307) 777-4709.

Duplicate WY Registration Fees

Here’s a list of the fees that apply to replacement registration cards, license plates, or validation stickers in Wyoming:

  • Registration: $4.
  • Sticker: $6.
  • License plate:
    • New plate(with new number): $8.
    • Duplicate plate (with existing number): $30.
    • Embossed plate: $50.


Application for New or Duplicate License Plates
Complete this WY DOT form to apply for new OR duplicate license plates.
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