Replacing a Lost CDL in Wyoming

Replacement Process

Losing your CDL license is quite a set back, especially if you are stuck on a job four or five states from home. If you are in Wyoming when you realize your identification is missing, replacing it is no hassle at all, minus a trip to a driver license exam office. The process resembles the replacing of a regular non-commercial license.

The main document needed to garner a duplicate CDL is an official birth certificate, but you must also dig up two other forms of identification that the state deems appropriate. (Think about the forms you used when you first applied for your CDL .) The replacement fee is $20.

Replacing a Lost License When Out of State

Any number of problems can materialize when you lose your CDL and are still miles from home. From weigh stations to truck stops, it is necessary to show a CDL in so many instances. But at least the employees working at Driver Services make every attempt to take some of the stress out of the situation by offering the issuance of a temporary license. As soon as you recognize that you are missing the CDL, dial the division's Help Desk at (307) 777-4800 and they will send out a 60-day provisional license.

When you return to Wyoming you must appear at an driver license exam officeand exchange the temporary document for an official duplicate CDL. This will entail bringing two forms of acceptable identification , filling out any required applications, and paying a $20 fee.

For more information about your CDL, browse our special Commercial Driver FAQs.

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