DMV Practice Tests in Wyoming

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Wyoming

This page will give you a basic understanding of what a practice test is, explain how a practice test can help you prepare for a written exam, and review the types of practice tests available in Wyoming.

What Is a WY DMV Practice Test?

It's clear that the more you practice something, the better prepared you are for the actual task. The same goes with your DMV written exam.

A practice test is a study tool that has been designed to help you prepare to take a written test at the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Why Take a DMV Practice Test?

The DOT suggests studying the Wyoming driver manual to prepare for a written test. Although this is a good option for many, it may be in your best interest to prepare with a practice test, rather than solely reading and re-reading the entire driver manual.

Taking practice tests helps you retain the information by testing yourself on key points.

Each practice test offered from our approved partner has two types of formats for studying:

  • Test Mode. In test mode, a full test like you'll see on your exam day will be generated, and you'll get your score once you answer all the questions.
  • Study Guide Mode. In this mode you will be given questions and immediate answers, so the quiz serves as a study tool.

Here are a few examples of the types of questions you'll find on a practice test:

Q. Why do drivers of large trucks travel with a bunch of space in front of their vehicle?

A. To provide extra stopping distance.

Q. What is the correct way to navigate a curve?

A. Slow before you enter the curve so you don't have to break in the curve.

Q. Can emotions like anger or depression affect your driving behavior?

A. Yes, emotions can greatly affect your driving.

Types of DMV Practice Tests

There are multiple types of practice tests available for purchase. Which one(s) you choose will depend on your experience and the type of license you're seeking.

You can elect to get the standard exam with 50 questions, or for additional preparation you can choose one with 100 questions.

Available practice exams include the following:

  • Permit Practice Tests. These tests will assist new drivers seeking to apply for their Wyoming learner's permit. They will cover basic information in the driver's handbook.
  • Driver's License Practice Tests. These tests will assist drivers taking their initial license test (or drivers who've held a license but need to freshen up on the information to retake the exam).
  • Motorcycle Practice Tests. Motorcycle practice tests feature questions specifically written for motorcycle operators based on the state's motorcycle handbook.
  • CDL Practice Test. These practice exams review CDL-specific guidelines for those seeking to drive commercial vehicles.
  • CDL Endorsement Practice Tests. CDL endorsement practice tests will assist drivers in obtaining endorsements for their commercial driver's license.
  • Road Sign Practice Tests. Your written exam will have questions dealing with road signs, this test will prepare you for those questions.
  • Examen De Practica Para La Licencia (Practice Tests in Spanish). These tests are written for Spanish-speaking drivers.

About the Written Exam

Once you are familiar with all the questions on your practice test, you'll be ready to take the Wyoming DOT written test with confidence. You do not have to make an appointment for your written test; however, you may wish to do so to avoid a long line.

You can find your nearest location with our DMV Office Finder.

For more information about how to get your license, please refer to one of the following pages:

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