DMV Point System in Wyoming

Wyoming's Violation System

Unlike many states, Wyoming has yet to install a formal point system for traffic violations. Wyoming's arrangement is similar to a point system; it just doesn't put digits next to citations. Counties in Wyoming have authority over how they penalize traffic violations. See your local courts for specific traffic violations penalties.

However, when you commit traffic violations, the Wyoming Department of Transportation will add them to your driving record. Violations vary by severity and certain serious violations may result in heavy penalties and an immediate suspension/revocation of your driving privileges. Minor violations can generally accumulate over a certain period of time to negatively affect your Wyoming driver's license and privilege to drive.

Minor violations are generally things like speeding, following too closely, and improper lane changes. Major violations include DUIs, drug-related offenses, and accidents involving a death or serious injury.

Typically, major violations and multiple minor violations will result in:

  • A driver's license suspension, revocation, or cancellation.
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation fees and traffic court fines.
  • Driver improvement/defensive driving course completion requirements.
  • Community service and/or jail time, depending on the severity of your offense.
  • Court penalties and sentencing requirements.
  • Driving restrictions when you get your driving privileges back.
  • Behavior adjustment and evaluation programs.

Visit our Suspended License in Wyoming section for more information on traffic violations and penalties.

Additionally, traffic violations and Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) actions against your driver's license can also raise your car insurance rates. Multiple traffic violations are often red flags for insurance providers and can be used to flag and mitigate their risk of "problem" drivers. If you've received a traffic violation or WY driver's license suspension, you should contact your car insurance agent to talk about options you may have to lower your rates or earn a discount.

Some car insurance providers will allow you to voluntarily enroll in a defensive driving, driver improvement, or traffic school program to lower your insurance rates. Typically, a driver improvement/rate reduction course will cover:

  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • Safe driving attitudes and behaviors.
  • Wyoming traffic laws and violations.
  • Sharing the road.
  • Avoiding and preventing car accidents.

For more information, please contact your insurance provider and visit our page on Defensive Driving in Wyoming.

Check Your WY Driver's License Status

Whenever you need or want to check the status of your Wyoming driver's license, you can order a driving record report. This record will spell out if your driver's license is currently valid. Should your license have been revoked or suspended, the report will indicate that, according to what's on record at the Wyoming DOT. This report will also show traffic violations that count against your driver's license and, in some cases, information on any accidents you have had.

Any time you commit a traffic violation and receive a ticket, it is a good idea to order your Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) driving record. Ordering your own driving record after a traffic incident will allow you to check your driving history and allow yourself a chance to adjust your driving behavior. Your driving record can serve as a good personal warning before it's too late and you face a driver's license suspension/revocation or fines with the Wyoming DOT.

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