Pay Traffic Ticket in Wyoming

Pleading Guilty to Your WY Ticket

Paying your WY traffic ticket is the equivalent of admitting guilt. You'll plead "guilty" or "no contest" to the traffic violation, pay your ticket fine, and deal with any associated penalties―which depend on your driving record and the traffic offense.

Generally, choosing this option means:

  • You might be able to pay your ticket fine online.
  • Based on your violation, the state will assign points to your driving record.
  • Your driver's license might be suspended or revoked.
    • The state suspends driver licenses once drivers accumulate a certain number of points.
    • Your violation might be one that leads to automatic license suspension.
  • More severe offenses—such as driving while intoxicated—mean more severe penalties.
  • You could face higher car insurance rates the next time you renew your policy.

Check your Wyoming traffic citation for the payment deadline; failure to pay can lead to license suspension and an arrest warrant (depending on the violation).

Wyoming Commercial Drivers

As a commercial driver who pleads “guilty" or is found guilty in court:

  • You must notify your employer within 30 days of the violation conviction.
  • You must notify your driver license agency within 30 days of the violation conviction.

You must notify your employer and, if applicable, your driver license agency, regardless of the type of vehicle you were driving when you received the ticket.

Also, CDL holders sometimes face stricter penalties than do regular drivers. For example, depending on the offense, you could face temporary suspension or permanent revocation of your CDL.

Refer to the WY Driver License Manual for Commercial & Heavy Vehicles for more details.

How to Pay Your WY Traffic Ticket

Depending on your situation, payment options include online, by mail, and in person.

You'll need your traffic ticket to pay your fine. Refer to Lost Traffic Tickets in Wyoming for details on how to retrieve the information.


Some courts accept online payments via the state's citation payment system.

Before you pay, note that:

  • You can't pay online if your ticket states you must appear in court.
  • The state's citation payment system accepts payments ONLY for participating circuit courts; it DOES NOT accept payments for municipal courts at this time.
  • Currently, there is a convenience fee for each citation.
  • If you've received a notice of suspension, paying your fine online won't prevent driver's license suspension if the court doesn't receive payment before the suspension date.
  • If you miss the date and your license is suspended, request a letter of compliance to send the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • If you pay online after a warrant has been issued, the warrant will remain active until the court receives and processes the payment and withdrawals the warrant; contact your court for details.

Other Payment Methods

When online ticket payment is not an option, drivers can pay their traffic tickets either by mail or in person.

Courts vary on payment options and methods, but your WY traffic citation will include specific instructions about how and where you can pay your ticket.

Check your traffic ticket and look for:

  • Acceptable ticket payment options (by mail, in person, or both).
  • The court's name and mailing or physical address.
  • Acceptable payment methods.
    • Find out if the court accepts personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, cash, and/or credit cards (and which types).

If the information on your WY traffic ticket is unclear, contact your circuit court or municipal court.

WI Defensive Driving Options

Depending on your situation, you might complete a defensive driving course if:

  • The court offers it as an option for ticket dismissal.
    • Ask your judge about this possibility.
  • The court requires it to satisfy your traffic ticket.

Completing a defensive driving course also could help keep your car insurance rates down; some insurance companies increase rates after a traffic ticket conviction.

Talk with your provider about this possibility; depending on your company's policies a good driving record could offer forgiveness, or you could face higher rates once it's time to renew—in which case you can compare insurance quotes online for lower rates.

Check Your Driving Record

Your Wyoming driving record keeps tabs on various aspects of your driving history—including traffic ticket violations.

Because your record can seriously impact your driving privileges, it's important to check your driving record after you handle a traffic ticket:

  • Make sure it shows ONLY “guilty" traffic ticket convictions. Your record should not show:
    • Tickets for which you were found “not guilty" in court.
    • Tickets your judge dismissed after you completed a defensive driving course.
  • Check your driver's license status.
    • You could lose your license if you accumulate a certain number of traffic violations.
    • Some violations lead directly to license suspension.
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