Lost Traffic Ticket in Wyoming

For your traffic ticket search, contact the appropriate Wyoming Municipal Court or Circuit Court handling your case. Be prepared to verify some personal information before the court provides details about your lost citation.

Traffic Ticket Search in Wyoming

Depending on your situation, you can search for your lost traffic ticket online, with the presiding traffic court, or the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

WY Citation Payment System

Currently, Wyoming's online citation payment system provides certain pieces of traffic ticket information if you can provide your driver's license number.

Your county must participate in this system; the system provides a list of participating counties.

NOTE: The system might not provide each piece of information you need to decide how you want to plead to your WY traffic ticket; if not, use one of the lost traffic ticket search options below.

Contact the Wyoming Traffic Court

Wyoming handles traffic violations in the following courts:

  • Municipal:
    • The municipal courts handle traffic tickets issued by city police officers. You'll contact the municipal court in the city you received the citation.
  • Circuit:
    • The circuit courts handle traffic tickets issued by officers of the sheriff's department or Wyoming Highway Patrol. Generally, these are county-level tickets, so you'll contact the circuit court in the county you received the ticket.

Contact the WHP

If a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper issued your traffic ticket, you can order a copy of your citation by sending as much information about the ticket as possible (such as the ticket date and county).

Lost Traffic Ticket Details

You have a deadline to respond to your ticket. This applies whether you decide to plead “guilty" (or “no contest") or “not guilty," or whether you must appear in court. Failing to respond by the deadline results in additional penalties.

Regardless of how you find your lost traffic ticket, make sure the information you gather includes the following so you can decide how to respond and do it by the deadline:

  • Whether your citation is marked "Must Appear".
    • You must appear in court if so, meaning you can't enter your plea until your court date.
    • Ask for the court location and your court date and time.
    • Consider talking to a traffic ticket attorney; most violations that require court appearances are serious.
  • Your deadline to plead.
    • If you don't have to appear in court, you can go ahead and plead “guilty" (or “no contest") or “not guilty".
    • Pleading “guilty" means you must pay the fine by the deadline.
    • Pleading “not guilty" means you must schedule a hearing by the deadline.
  • All traffic ticket information to help you determine how to plead. This information will help you make a payment or prepare for court.
    • The alleged violation.
    • The citation number.
    • Where and when you received the citation.
    • The name of the officer who pulled you over and his or her law enforcement agency.
  • Your WY traffic ticket payment details:
    • How much is your traffic ticket fine? Do you owe any additional fees?
    • What are your payment options and methods based on your court and personal situation?

Respond to Your WY Citation

As long as your citation isn't marked "Must Appear," generally you can enter your plea without first appearing in court.

Wyoming accepts pleas of "guilty" (or “no contest") and "not guilty." Pleading "guilty" means you must pay the fine and accept all related penalties; pleading "not guilty" means you want to take your case to court.

We explain these processes in our Paying Traffic Tickets and Fighting Traffic Tickets sections.

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