Green Vehicle Laws and Regulations in Wyoming

Wyoming has in place a few green driver vehicle laws for eco-friendly drivers. Read on for information about regulations on idle reduction requirements, natural gas taxes, and more.

Remember, just as green driver incentives can change, these laws and regulations can change, too. Keep up with this page as well as your local Department of Transportation (DOT) office and the Alternative Fuel Data Center (AFDC) for the most up-to-date information.

Wyoming Vehicle Emissions Testing

Wyoming doesn't require emissions and smog checks for vehicle registration and registration renewal; however, in addition to driving an eco-friendly vehicle, you can take steps to keep the air clean from vehicle emissions such as:

  • Carpooling with friends, family members, and coworkers headed in the same direction.
  • Keeping up with vehicle maintenance.
  • Combining all your errand trips into one drive.

For more information on vehicle emissions and up-to-date information on vehicle inspections, visit our section on Car Inspections in Wyoming.

Idle Reduction Requirement

Wyoming has a couple idle reduction laws:

  • You can't leave your vehicle idling on a road outside of a residential or business district when you can turn off and park the vehicle.
  • You can't leave your vehicle unattended without turning off the engine and removing the key from the ignition.

For more information, refer to Wyoming Statutes 31-5-505 and 31-5-509 .

Natural Gas Tax

Wyoming subjects compressed natural gas (CNG) used in motor vehicles to a state motor fuel tax of $0.24 per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE). For these purposes, a GGE is equal to:

  • 5.66 pounds (lbs),
  • 126.67 standard cubic feet, or,
  • An amount of CNG that has an energy content of 114,100 British Thermal Units (BTU).

Wyoming also places a state motor fuel tax on liquified natural gas (LNG). of $0.24 on a diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) basis. For these purposes, a DGE of LNG is 6.06 lbs.

For more information, reference the Department of Transportation's Tax Rates page as well as House Bill 69, 2014, and Wyoming Statutes 39-17-104 and 39-17-204.

Wyoming Auto Insurance Requirements

You must insure your fuel-efficient vehicle in line with Wyoming's auto insurance requirements before you can operate it on the state's public roads.

However, some car insurance companies give eco-friendly drivers a break on their insurance premiums for driving environmentally friendly vehicles or practicing "green" driving habits.

Visit our section on green driver incentives to learn more about WY car insurance requirements and how you might be able to save money as a green driver.

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