Defensive Driving in Wyoming

SUMMARY: Wyoming Defensive Driving Courses

In Wyoming, you may be required to complete traffic school if you've received a traffic ticket. If not mandatory, you may be able to voluntarily complete a defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic ticket and reduce driving record points.

Completing a defensive driving course may also dismiss or reduce the fine you must pay, depending on your violation and traffic court handling your ticket.

Another benefit of traffic school is to receive an auto insurance discount. Find out if you're eligible by contacting your car insurance policy provider.

Types of WY Traffic School Courses

Traffic school courses are commonly offered at commercial driving schools and online.

The online option can be the more convenient option, as you can complete the course according to your own schedule and split it up into segments, rather than completing it all at once.

If you're taking the course to dismiss a traffic ticket, your circuit court handling your case may not accept online traffic school. Check with the court for specific requirements.

NOTE: All Wyoming courts will dismiss your traffic ticket if you complete traffic school. You should verify your eligibility with your county attorney before enrolling in a course.

By completing a defensive driving course, you may be able to receive an auto insurance discount. Your eligibility may depend on your age, driving history, and insurance company. Contact your car insurance provider for more information.

Wyoming Traffic School Course Details

To be eligible for traffic school in Wyoming, you may have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a valid driver's license in your possession.
  • Not be cited for more than a single violation.
  • Not driving a commercial vehicle when cited.

If you meet all these requirements, you may be able to have your traffic ticket dismissed. You should check with your local county attorney to have this approved BEFORE you enroll in your course.

For specific course information, including fees, duration, and topics covered, contact the provider directly.

Completing Your Defensive Driving Course

To successfully complete your traffic school course, you will generally need to pass a final exam. Typically, your exam will consist of about 25 questions. Depending on your court requirements, you may be eligible to retake the exam if you fail on your first try.

Check with the court handling your ticket for specific information about completing your course.

If you're taking the course voluntarily, the course provider will let you know when you must complete the course by, and if you can retake the final exam.

You will usually receive a certificate of completion once you pass the final exam. You may need to present this certificate to either:

  • The traffic court handling your ticket.
  • Your auto insurance company.
  • The Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT).
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