Dealer-related Information in Wyoming

License Plates

There are several types of license plates of interest to vehicle dealers and manufacturers: full-use, demo, and manufacturer. In order to acquire any of these plates, a dealer or manufacturer must first be licensed in the state of Wyoming.

All plates are issued at the county level through the locally elected treasurer.

Note: Dealers that sell fewer than 12 vehicles in 1 calendar year can only apply for one demo plate and are restricted from having a full-use plate.

Dealer Forms

The basic forms a dealer needs to do business―temporary permits, reassignment forms, and power of attorney forms―are available to buy from the Cheyenne Dealer Licensing office or at points of entry around the state.


  • Temporary permits: $1 per sheet and  $3.75 per seal.
  • Dealer reassignment forms: $5 for a box of (25 reassignment forms).
  • Secure power of attorney forms: $20 for a box (100 secure forms).

Note: The numbered forms are dealer specific and cannot be shared with other dealers.

For further information, contact Dealer Licensing at (307) 777-4717.

Complaint Process

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has a Compliance and Investigations unit that ensures the auto dealers uphold the laws etched into the Wyoming Statutes. The section of the statutes that chiefly applies to dealers and manufacturers is Title 31, Chapter 16: Motor Vehicle Franchises.

If a consumer has a concern with a purchase from a dealer, the statutes are a good place to answer many questions. They are also where you can find out if you have a valid complaint against a dealer. If a consumer finds they have a legitimate grievance, they can either try first to resolve it with the dealer or file a formal complaint with the state.

To file an official grievance, you must completely fill out the Consumer Complaint form and mail it to the address on the form.

For further information, contact the Compliance and Investigation Unit in your region.

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