Dealer Licensing in Wyoming

Prospective auto dealers and manufacturers wishing to establish a business in Wyoming must obtain a license from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) before selling or assembling vehicles in the state. The license must be renewed on an annual basis.

Of course, this license is just one document in a bevy of paperwork required from multiple divisions at all levels of government. But it definitely ranks as a top priority considering you can't legally sell or manufacture cars without it.

Types of Licenses

  • New vehicle dealer's license―Permits the selling and exchanging of both new and used vehicles.
  • Used vehicle dealer's license―Limits business to the selling and exchanging of previously owned vehicles.
  • Motor vehicle manufacturer's license―Allows out-of-state manufacturers to bring vehicles into the state for resale.
  • Wyoming-based manufacturer's license―Permits the assembling or manufacturing of vehicles and parts in the state. Also allows for the selling of new and used vehicles.
  • Temporary vehicle dealer permit―Allows temporary operation of a business while all of the permanent licensing paperwork is being processed and evaluated.

If you buy, sell, or exchange at retail 3 vehicles or more within 12 months, then you need a dealer license. Of course, if you are just running an ad in the local paper trying to get rid of the old college car, that is a different story―you need not fret about WYDOT issuing you a citation for running an illegal business.

Applying for a Vehicle Dealer License

There is a mountain a paperwork and red tape to surmount when preparing and submitting a license application. Hence, it is important to educate yourself on the current rules and regulations.

From this point the procedure becomes a hunting and gathering mission, but here is a basic overview to what you'll need to do to apply for the license:

  • Complete and submit the Application for Wyoming Vehicle Dealer and Manufacturer License (Form MV-422).
  • Complete and submit the Wyoming Vehicle Dealer/Wyoming Bases Manufacturer License Background Check Questionnaire (Form C&I BCQ). Each partner or owner of the business (even silent partners) will need to undergo a background check.
  • Complete a Vehicle Dealer Bond (Form MV-424) showing evidence of a $25,000 surety bond surrendered to WYDOT.
  • Submit papers that demonstrate the incorporation or organization of your company.
  • Out-of-state applicants must register to do business in Wyoming with the Secretary of State's office.
  • Provide documents from the local city or county approving the venture.
  • Supply copies of all franchise agreements, if applicable.
  • Submit color photos of the dealership's location, especially noting the sign and its visibility from the road.
  • Establish a land-based phone line and have the business name and number entered in the local phone book.
  • Furnish any pertinent financial statements.
  • You must have or obtain a Wyoming Sales and Use Tax License from the Department of Revenue.
  • Pay the annual application fee.

For more information on applying for a vehicle dealership, visit the Wyoming Department of Transportation website.

Applying for a Manufacturer License

Owners of manufacturing companies based both in Wyoming and in other parts of the country will also need to turn in a pile of official documents to WYDOT.

If you're a Wyoming-based vehicle manufacturer, follow the same steps in "Applying for a Vehicle Dealer License" above. Use the vehicle dealer and manufacturer licensing requirements information  to ensure you understand the requirements and responsibilities of being a dealer or a manufacturer.

If you're an out-of-state vehicle manufacturer, you will need to complete the Application for Out-of-State Vehicle Manufacturer License (Form MV-452).

Annual License Fees

  • $100: Vehicle dealers selling 12 vehicles or more within 12 months.
  • $25: Vehicle dealers selling less than 12 vehicles in 12 months.
  • $100: Wyoming-based manufacturers.
  • $100: Out of State Based manufacturers BBB Business Review