Buying and Selling FAQs in Wyoming

What is Wyoming's Sales and Use Tax?

This is a one-time fee levied when you first register a vehicle after a purchase. The tax fee is based on your county's tax rate.

When buying a vehicle, you'll generally need to factor in the following costs/fees in addition to the purchase price and tax:

  • Wyoming DMV registration fees.
  • Title transfer fees.
  • Car insurance.
  • Vehicle inspection/emissions testing costs.

If you are buying a used car, you should consider purchasing a vehicle history report/VIN check to prevent the surprise of major repair costs shortly after your purchase. A vehicle history report will typically reveal:

  • Previous ownership information.
  • Past accidents.
  • Major damages.
  • Repairs preformed.

For more information and to order a vehicle history report/VIN check, please visit our Vehicle History Reports page.

Is there a penalty if I'm late paying Wyoming's Sales and Use Tax?

Indeed there is a penalty for late payments. To avoid the fine, pay this tax within 60 days of purchasing your vehicle. If you don't pay within 60 days, you'll be slapped with a $25 fine. If you don't pay it within 60 days, you'll be penalized the greater of $25 or 10% of the tax due. Plus, starting on the 66th day, interest will be charged at 1% per month.

Please contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation for more information.

How long are temporary plates valid?

You can drive your vehicle in Wyoming with a temporary plate for 45 days from the date you bought it. If you need an extension or have a special question about registering your vehicle, please contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT).

If I can't find a certification label with my imported vehicle, how do I know if it complies with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards?

You must directly contact the vehicle's manufacturer. If you need assistance gathering contact information, look in your vehicle's owner manual or call the NHTSA's Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance at (888) 327-4236.

If I'm importing a car into Wyoming, is it true I must have the undercarriage cleaned before shipping?

Not just cleaned, but thoroughly cleaned. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that all undercarriages be thoroughly cleaned so as to safeguard against transporting any dangerous pests into the state and the country. This is an important measure to take in order to prevent invasive species from destroying an ecosystem.

Zebra mussels, an invasive species in the great lakes and other areas throughout the country, are a prime example of why imported vehicles and vehicles from outside of the area need to be thoroughly cleaned.

What documentation will I need if I'm importing a vehicle into Wyoming?

You'll need the following:

  • The shipper's or carrier's original bill of lading.
  • The bill of sale.
  • Foreign registration documents.
  • A letter from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirming that the vehicle adheres to all U.S. emission standards.

Or, if all of the above seems like too much work, you can hire an Independent Commercial Importer (ICI) to import your vehicle. Be willing to dent your savings account, however. ICI's are extremely expensive.

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