Applying for Special Plates in Wyoming

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Wyoming License Plate

You can apply for special plates in Wyoming online or by mail. Your special plate renewal is part of your vehicle registration renewal. You may be able to transfer your special plates to a new vehicle, and you can replace them if they're lost or stolen. Fees will vary from plate to plate.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) offers several special plates. Additionally, car owners can apply for personalized license plates.

Applying for Special Plates in Wyoming

While WYDOT allows you to apply for all types of special plates by mail, only a select few are available for online ordering.


You may apply for the following types of special plates online by visiting the DOT website:

  • Prestige (personalized) plates.
    • Before requesting a personalized plate, you can also check the availability of your desired plate combination online.
  • Gold Star plates.
    • To order these plates, you must be the parent, grandparent, spouse, child, or sibling a military member who died during service.
  • Veteran plates.
    • You may be required to provide documentation of your proof of service.

NOTE: You can also use the online ordering service to order an embossed version of an existing plate currently in your possession.

By Mail

To apply for a special plate by mail, go to the DOT Special Plate page and click on your desired plate to find the plate's corresponding application.

Send the following to the address listed on your desired plate's application:

  • The completed application.
  • Any additional required documents/proof of eligibility for the plate.
  • Payment for applicable fees.

REMINDER: Before mailing an application for a personalized plate, you can use the online ordering system to check the availability of your desired message/number.

Other Plates

The following plate types are ONLY issued through the WYDOT-Motor Vehicle Services:

  • Sample.
  • Street Rod.
  • Custom Vehicle.
  • Novelty.
  • Pioneer.

To learn more about these plates, visit our WY Types of Specialty Plates page.

Renewing Your Special Plate

Your Wyoming special plates are renewed as part of your registration renewal. Additional special plate renewal fees may apply in addition to your standard renewal fees.

To learn more about renewing your registration, visit our Registration Renewal page.

Replacing WY Special License Plates

If your special license plates are lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can order duplicate plates by taking the following steps:

NOTE: You cannot use this form to replace an embossed plate. You must reapply for your embossed plate.

Transferring Special Plates in Wyoming

If you sell your car and buy a new vehicle, the registration expires immediately on your old vehicle. You must register your new vehicle and transfer your plates within 45 days of your purchase.

If you choose not to transfer your special plates, surrender them to your county treasurer's office.

For more information on transferring your special plate, contact your local vehicle services office.

Fees for WY Special Plates

Initial application and renewal fees for special or personalized Wyoming license plates may vary depending on the plate.

Plate fees are in addition to standard registration fees.

Specific plate fees can be found on each corresponding application.

If you wish to have your license plate embossed, you will pay a $50 fee.


Application for New or Duplicate License Plates
Complete this WY DOT form to apply for new OR duplicate license plates.
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