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Driver License Suspension in West Virginia

West Virginia’s Division of Motor Vehicles handles most of the enforcement of driver’s license suspensions in West Virginia.

Driver’s license suspension can result in heavy reinstatement fees and, often, higher car insurance rates.

About Your Suspended License in WV

Violations that can cause suspension or revocation of your driver's license include, but are not limited to:

  • Point accumulation according to the DMV Point System.
  • Falsely obtaining a license.
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license.
  • Failure to drive according to the restrictions on your license.
  • Failing to pay any type of court fees or court-ordered payment (such as child support).
  • Driving without insurance.
  • Failure to provide proof of insurance.
  • DUI offenses, such as driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit, or refusing to test for BAC.
  • Leaving an accident scene that resulted in personal injury or death.
  • Failing to satisfy any civil judgment made against you due to your involvement in an accident.
  • Negligent homicide or manslaughter involving a motor vehicle.

NOTE: While the DMV can suspend your license, you are also subject to criminal penalties imposed by the court.

Check Your License Status

Are you concerned that you might get your license suspended soon? Wondering about the points or violations against your license?

You can find out the status of your license by ordering your WV driving record. You’ll see any points, accidents, tickets, etc. that are attached to your driving history. It’s especially important to know what’s on your record, because it can be used to determine your car insurance premiums.

WV Suspension Hearings and Appeals

You will receive a suspension notification from the DMV to warn you that your West Virginia driver’s license will be suspended.

You may be able to contest a suspension or revocation through an administrative hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

To request a hearing, complete a Written Objection and Hearing Request Form and send it:

  • By mail to:
      Office of Administrative Hearings
      300 Capital St, 10th Floor
      Charleston, WV 25301
  • By e-mail to:

Reinstate Your WV Driver’s License

The reinstatement process can vary depending on the reason for license suspension or revocation.

You may handle suspension and/or revocation reinstatements and transactions through the mail at:

P.O. Box 17030
Charleston, WV 25317

Remember, when applying for reinstatement, you must include your original suspension notice and your driver’s license number.

The DMV’s regional offices do not handle driver’s license reinstatements.

Contact the DMV at (304) 926-3871 or (800) 642-9066 for more information.

Fees for Suspended WV Licenses

As part of your reinstatement requirements, you will face a reinstatement fee. Reinstatement fees vary depending on your violation.

Reinstatement fees are separate and in addition to any other fines or penalties related to your violation.

You can mail your reinstatement fee to:

P.O. Box 17030
Charleston, WV 25317

Contact the WV DMV at (304) 926-3871 or (800) 642-9066 for more information.

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