Other Licenses & Endorsements in West Virginia

Special Driver's Licenses in West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Transportation (DOT) Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers different driver's license classes and endorsements specific to the type of vehicle you want to drive and the driving profession you want to have.

The application process for each type of license and endorsement is similar to that of your standard West Virginia driver's license. You'll typically need to:

  • Complete a new licensing application.
  • Provide proof of your identity and legal presence.
  • Pass class/endorsement-specific written and driving tests.
  • Pay a new licensing fee.

On this page you'll find basic information about some of the classes and endorsements available to you.

If you are looking for information about applying for a regular driver's license, please visit our pages on the following topics:

Who Needs a CDL in West Virginia?

You'll need a commercial driver's license (CDL) if you want to drive:

  • Class A - A combination of vehicles weighing 26,001 lbs or more.
  • Class B- A single vehicle weighing 26,001 lbs or more.
  • Class C - Vehicles designed to carry at least 16 passengers.
  • Vehicles designed to transport hazardous material.

To apply for a CDL in West Virginia, you'll generally need to:

  • Provide the same identification requirements that you would for a regular driver's license.
  • Become medically certified.
  • Pass CDL class-specific tests and training.

For more information about applying for a new commercial driver's license, please visit our Applying for a New CDL in West Virginia page.

School Bus Drivers

If you want to drive a school bus in West Virginia, you'll typically need to hold a CDL with both a "P" passenger endorsement and an "S" school bus endorsement.

To obtain a passenger/school bus endorsement, you'll need to:

  • Complete a new application.
  • Pass a knowledge test.
  • Pass a driving test in the type of vehicle you want to drive.
  • Pay an endorsement fee.

You may also need to:

  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Have a clean driving record with a minimum amount of driving experience.
  • Get re-tested and re-certified, if necessary.

For more information, please contact the West Virginia DMV.

West Virginia Class D For-Hire License

If you want to drive for hire in vehicles such as taxi cabs, shuttle busses or limousines, you'll likely need to obtain a Class D, non-CDL for-hire driver's license.

The Class D driver's license applies to professional drivers of all vehicles that do not qualify as a commercial vehicle.

To apply for a Class D driver's license, you'll need to:

For more information about required documents and fees, please visit our Applying for a New License (Driver's 18+) in West Virginia page or contact the West Virginia DMV.

If you want to drive a taxi cab, your local WV municipality may have specific requirements.

Sport Vehicle Licenses in West Virginia

Because sports and recreational vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles can't be legally operated on public roads (unless, of course, it's necessary to cross the road), West Virginia doesn't normally require any kind of driver's license or endorsement to operate them.

However, there are always exceptions. For example, drivers younger than 18 years old must successfully complete ATV Safety Awareness Training in order to legally operate an ATV.

Anyone carrying a passenger younger than 18 years old on an ATV must either be 18 years old or older him/ herself, or must have at least a driver's license.

Always talk with a clerk from your nearest DMV location about such exceptions, before you hop on your sports vehicle and take off.

Some vehicles may require you to hold a motorcycle endorsement or license. For more information, please visit our Motorcycle License in West Virginia page.


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