Replacing a Lost Registration in West Virginia

Replacing a Lost West Virginia Registration

Replacing a lost or stolen license plate, registration, or license plate decal can be done either in person or online in West Virginia. It is a relatively straightforward process handled by the West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

You should request replacements immediately to avoid being stopped for missing valid plates or stickers, and to be sure that you have your vehicle registration if you are stopped or in an accident.

If you need a replacement vehicle title, see our page Replacing a Lost Title in West Virginia.

How to Replace a West Virginia Registration

You can request a replacement registration card, license plate, or license plate sticker from the WV DMV:

  • Online.
  • In person.

NOTE: If you are replacing a damaged license plate, you can get a new one when for free when you renew your registration. However, if your license plate is illegible, you should request a duplicate immediately.


You can request a replacement registration card, license plate, or license plate decal online through the DMV's self service site.

You will need to:

  • Select and follow the instructions for requesting duplicate registration, license plates, or decals.
  • To confirm that you have car insurance.
  • Pay the fees with your debit or credit card:
    • $10 for a replacement registration or decal.
    • $10.50 for a replacement license plate.

You will receive your replacements in the mail.

NOTE: You CANNOT use the online service to replace apportioned plates. Instead, you should call the Division of Motor Vehicles at (304) 558-3900.

In Person

To request a replacement registration, license plate, or decal in person at your local WV DMV office, you will need:

Out-of-State Replacements

You can apply online for a duplicate registration card, license plate, or decal using the online self-service system if you:

  • Are traveling outside of West Virginia.
  • Are temporarily living out of the state.
  • Are stationed outside of the state on military duty or as a military dependent.

See the “Online" section above for more information.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen WV License Plate

You are required to contact the West Virginia State Police to report a lost or stolen license plate. They will need the license plate number and other details of the loss or theft.

Reporting a lost or stolen license plate to the police helps you in case someone uses the lost or stolen plate on a vehicle and commits a traffic offense or crime. It can also help prevent fraud.

Once a license plate number has been lost or stolen, the same plate number or personalized plate information CANNOT be used again. You will be issued a new license plate number by the West Virginia DMV.


Request for a Replacement Registration Card, License Plate Decal, or License Plate
Request a replacement registration card, license plate decal, OR license plates from the Division of Motor Vehicles.

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