Replacing a Lost Registration in West Virginia

Lost your registration card, plate decal, or license plate? Don’t panic—the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) makes replacing your lost, stolen, or damaged registration items cheap and easy.

Let’s walk through your options below.

Replacing WV Registrations, Decals & Plates

The West Virginia DMV allows you to replace your registration cards, stickers, and license plates:

  • Online.
  • By mail.

Keep reading for a guide to each option.

Were your plates lost or stolen?

Note that if your license plates were lost or stolen, you must notify the West Virginia State Police immediately.

Duplicate Personalized & Specialty WV Plates

If your special or personalized plate gets lost or stolen and you want to keep the same plate number, you can request duplicate plates either:

  • In person at your local DMV office.
  • By mail.

If your request is approved, the DMV will give you an official document to show law enforcement if your plate is flagged as stolen. Keep this in your vehicle at all times.


Submit these items and payment to your local DMV office or mail them to:

Special Plates
P.O. Box 17120
Charleston, WV 25317

Duplicate Registration Fees in WV

Here’s a list of costs associated with replacing registration certificates, decals, and license plates:

  • Duplicate registration: $10.
  • Duplicate decal: $10 (includes a registration card).
  • Replacement plate (new plate number): $10.50 (includes a registration certificate).
  • Replica plates*:
    • Non-personalized:
      • Scenic or Standard plate: $25.50.
      • Wildlife, Military, and NASCAR plates: $25.50.
    • Personalized:
      • NASCAR plate: $25.50.
      • Wildlife, Standard, Scenic Patriotic, and 9/11 plates: $25.50.
    • Legislative and Governor’s plates: $25.50.
  • Online convenience fee (applies to online transactions only): $1.

*Replica plates are free at the time of renewal.


Request for a Replacement Registration Card, License Plate Decal, or License Plate
Request a replacement registration card, license plate decal, OR license plates from the Division of Motor Vehicles.
Owner's Statement of Insurance
Complete this DMV form stating you have the proper car insurance for WV registration.
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