Replacing a Lost Title in West Virginia

Replacing a Lost Title in West Virginia

The Division of Motor Vehicles of the West Virginia Department of Transportation requires an application for state residents who seek to replace a lost vehicle title because the owner's original title:

  • Has been lost (which could include being stolen).
  • Has been destroyed.
  • Has been damaged or defaced.
  • Was never received.

A vehicle owner can also replace a vehicle title if his or her address has changed. The Division of Motor Vehicles is responsible for processing both new titles and all replacement titles in West Virginia.

Applying for a Duplicate WV Title

You can submit your request for a duplicate title by mail or in person at your local WV DMV office.

To replace your West Virginia vehicle or watercraft title, you'll need to:

  • Complete the Affidavit of a Duplicate Title for a Vehicle or Watercraft (Form DMV-4-TR).
    • All you need to provide is basic information about yourself as well as your vehicle or watercraft. You'll also have to state what happened to your old title, i.e. yours was lost, destroyed, defaced, or you never received it.
  • Remember: You must send a copy of your driver's license and registration card (if available) with your application.
  • Submit payment for the lost title fee of $15.

Liens and Lienholder Discharge

If there is―or ever has been―a lien on your vehicle or watercraft, or you're replacing your title because you've satisfied your lien, you and your lienholder must complete the third section of the application.

What happens if there is a lien on the title?

Lienholders must discharge the original lien before the new vehicle title will be issued. If the lien isn't discharged with the correct application, the replace title form will be sent to the lienholder, not the owner.

If you have any further questions, you can also call (800) 642-9066 or visit the WV DMV website.

Vehicle Sale: Purchase Price Title Issue

If you recently purchased a vehicle but the purchase price on the title and bill of sale do not match, the West Virginia DMV will not accept the title.

You will have to ask the seller to apply for a duplicate title and reenter the purchase-price information (see Applying for a Duplicate WV title above for instructions).

Otherwise, the DMV will assess taxes based on the blue book value of the vehicle.

Making Corrections on Your WV Title

You can make changes to your address on the application form for a duplicate title..

Change Your Address

You can make a change of address on your WV vehicle title by:

  • Completing the Affidavit of a Duplicate Title for a Vehicle or Watercraft (Form DMV-4-TR) with the new address and vehicle information.
    • You'll need to check the “Change of Address" box on the “Select Reason for Requesting Duplicate" boxes.
  • Submitting payment (check or money order made payable to DMV) for the $15 duplicate title fee.
  • Provide a copy of license and registration information (if available).
  • Sending the completed application to the address on the form

For more information about address changes, you can read our page about Changing Your Address.


Affidavit of Duplicate Title for a Vehicle or Watercraft
Request a replacement boat OR vehicle title from the WV Division of Motor Vehicles.
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