Dealer-related Information in West Virginia

Just as with starting any new business, you're going to have to do some research both before and after you become a dealer in West Virginia.

West Virginia Code

The West Virginia State Legislature provides much information regarding dealers. Below are just some of the statutes you may want to familiarize yourself with:

  • 17 A-6-1 and 17 A-1-1: Cover definitions.
  • 17 A-6 A-10: Covers prohibited practices.
  • 17 A-6 2-A: Covers the creation of the dealer recovery fund.
  • 17 A-6 A-8 A: Covers compensation to dealers for services rendered.
  • 17 A-6 A-14: Covers obligations regarding warranties.
  • 47-11 C-3: Covers franchise agreements.
  • 17 A-6-15: Covers temporary registration plates and/or markers.
  • 17 A-6-13: Covers records to be maintained by dealers regarding the use of special plates.
  • 47-11 C-5: Covers the notice and grounds of termination or refusal to renew a franchise.
  • 17 A-6 A-4: Covers cancellation and notification of the dealer contract.
  • 17 A-6 10-C: Covers special demonstration plates, applications, and fees for trailers, truck-tractors, road-tractors, and trucks.

Remember, these are just a few of the West Virginia statutes that pertain to dealers. To find more codes regarding dealers, visit the official website of the West Virginia State Legislature.

Lemon Law

Under the Lemon Law, West Virginia offers consumer protection against the purchase of "lemons," which are vehicles that don't meet the requirements and obligations under the terms of their warranties.

By law, you're required to inform consumers about their rights under the Lemon Law and of any repairs performed on the new vehicle if they were preformed after shipment and equal or exceed 5% of the suggested retail price of the vehicle. You may not resell any vehicle returned under the Lemon Law unless the required repairs have been met and a written statement is provided informing the new consumer of such.

For more detailed information, visit our Lemon Law section.

You are also required by law to notify your customers of any salvage titles that may belong to a vehicle they are interested in purchasing. For more detailed information, visit our Salvaged Vehicles section.

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