Dealer Licensing in West Virginia

In order to become a licensed motor vehicle dealer in West Virginia, there are certain requirements you must meet. Unfortunately, not all of these requirements are available online.

The first step in the application process is to request the detailed brochure of requirements by calling (304) 926-0705.

Once you receive and review the handout, you can move on to the second step, which is to contact the office of dealer services to schedule a pre-inspection appointment.

Upon inspecting the dealership location, the inspector will provide you with an application package.

The Application Package

The third step in the application process is to complete the application package as follows:

  • Complete the actual application included in the package.
  • Pay a $25,000 surety bond, unless otherwise instructed. No bond is required for repo-financial institutions, manufacturers, or transporters.
  • Obtain Dealer Liability Insurance and provide proof of such insurance. No insurance is required for license services.
  • Provide a personal property tax receipt including the name of each owner. If you are exempt, provide an affidavit from the county in which the dealership will be located, proving that no taxes are owed.
  • Include pictures of both the dealership and the dealership signs. Sign letters must be at least 4 inches tall.
  • Include a valid business license for West Virginia.
  • If required, include a garage agreement.
  • If required, include a franchise agreement.

Next, mail the application package to the office of dealer services. Once they receive the package, they will again send an inspector to continue with the fifth step, when the inspector will obtain fingerprints of all owners and signatures on the release of information waiver.

Additional Information

During the sixth step in the application process, Dealer Services will obtain the following information:

  • Approval from the Bureau of Employment Programs to ensure there is no delinquency of unemployment benefits.
  • A "no record" report from the Criminal Investigation Bureau.
  • A letter from the tax department, including the names of all owners, stating that all involved are in good standing.

Once Dealer Services receives this information and finds it in compliance with licensing requirements, they will issue and mail a license certificate and dealer plates.

License Classes, Fees, and Licensing Years

For a detailed chart of license classes, application and renewal fees, and licensing years, visit the Dealers Licensing page on the Official WV DMV website.

Additional Information

  • All licensing years run from July 1 to June 30, except License Services, which runs from January 1 to December 31.
  • There are no application or renewal fees for dismantlers, rebuilders, or institutions.
  • Temporary dealer plates can be ordered through the mail or obtained at the Office of Dealer Services for $3.
  • A fee of $150 for the Dealer Recovery Fund is required of all new dealer applicants and existing dealers who are renewing their licenses.

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