Dealer Forms in Wisconsin

There are number of forms required for automobile dealers in Wisconsin. Some of them require just the signature of the dealership owner or partners; others require more, such as a notary seal or the signature of a financial institution.

Contact Information

Before you submit any form, check it over thoroughly to make sure you've completed it correctly and it's ready to be submitted. If you have questions, you may contact the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles using the following methods:

  • Send an e-mail to:
  • Contact by telephone at: (608) 266-1425.
  • Send a question of a form for review by fax to: (608) 267-0323.
  • Send a letter via the U.S. Postal Service to:
    • Wisconsin Department of Transportation
    • Dealer and Agent Section
    • 4822 Madison Yards Way, Room 201
    • P.O. Box 7909
    • Madison, WI 53707

Dealership Application Forms

Here are links to the various forms required in order to complete your motor vehicle dealership application; they are in PDF format and can be accessed using the free Adobe Reader.

Other Forms

Here are a number of additional documents that are used in the automotive dealership:

  • The Directory of Wisconsin Dealers is the master list of all licensed dealerships in the state. This list includes the dealerships, plus all of the vehicles they are licensed to sell.
  • Here's a link to the Motor Vehicle Salesperson's Manual.
  • A link to the information you'll need to use the electronic title and registration option.
  • This link gives you the information you'll need if you plan to conduct an off-premises sale as each dealer is allowed to conduct up to six of these each year.


Wisconsin also provides dealers with several online forms of information, as well as a newsletter full of important information. We've outlined it all for you at Dealer-related Information.

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