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SUMMARY: Washington, D.C. Identification Cards

You must apply for an ID card in person at a D.C. DMV office. You will need various documents and payment for the required fee. Renewals and replacements may be completed in person or online (if eligible).

Continue reading this page to learn more about non-driver ID cards from the Washington, D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (D.C. DMV).

Eligibility for an ID Card in WA, D.C.

In Washington, D.C., there are 2 types of ID cards available:

  • REAL ID card: Can be used for federal identification purposes.
  • Limited purpose ID card: Cannot be used for federal identification purposes.

REAL ID Non-Driver ID Card

To be eligible for a REAL ID-compliant identification card in WA, D.C., you must:

  • Be 15 years old or older.
  • Be a resident of Washington, D.C.
  • Have a Social Security number (SSN).
  • Not have a valid driver's license or ID card in any other U.S. state.

Limited Purpose State ID Card

To be eligible for a WA, D.C. limited purpose ID card, you must:

  • Be living in the district for at least 6 months.
  • Not have or be eligible for a SSN OR have a SSN but cannot prove legal presence in the U.S.

Apply for a Washington, D.C. ID Card

The documents you'll need to submit for a non-driver ID card in Washington, D.C., will depend on whether you're applying for a REAL ID card or limited purpose card.

Apply for a REAL ID card

You must apply for an identification card in person at a D.C. DMV office. You will need:

The Washington, D.C. DMV will give you a temporary paper ID card to use until your permanent card arrives in the mail.

NOTE: Application forms in other languages can be found on the D.C. DMV website.

Apply for a Limited Purpose ID Card

To apply for a limited purpose identification card, make an appointment with a WA, D.C. DMV office.

At your appointment, you must:

You will be issued a temporary paper ID card to use until you receive your permanent card in the mail.

NOTE: Application forms in other languages can be found on the Washington, D.C. DMV website.

Fees for an Identification Card

  • Original and renewals:
    • Younger than 65 years old: $20 for 8 years.
    • 65 years old and older: Card is free and valid for 8 years.
    • Homeless residents: Card is free and valid for 8 years.
    • Temporary/Limited Card: $20
  • Duplicates: $20.

Accepted Payment Methods

Payment for your Washington, D.C. identification card can be made by:

  • Cash.
  • Check.
  • Money order.
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover card only).

NOTE: Online transactions must be paid for by credit card only.

Renew an ID Card in WA, D.C.

Your Washington, D.C. ID card will be valid for up to 8 years, depending on how long your legal stay in the U.S. is for.

You can renew your non-driver ID card either online (if eligible) or in person.

Online Renewal

You can renew your WA, D.C. REAL ID or limited purposed identification card online, if:

  • It expires in 60 days or less.
  • Your current name is on file with the D.C. DMV.

NOTE: If you do not yet have a REAL ID-compliant ID card, you must renew in person.

Visit the D.C. DMV online renewal website and:

  • Enter your identification information.
  • Pay the fee using a credit card.
  • Print the temporary ID card certificate (valid for 45 days).

You will receive your renewed Washington, D.C. ID card in the mail within 10 business days.

In-Person Renewal

To renew your Washington, D.C. ID card in person, visit your local D.C. DMV office with:

  • Your WA, D.C. identification card.
  • Payment for the renewal fee.

If your current ID card is not yet REAL ID compliant, you will also need to provide proof of your:

  • Identity (e.g., birth certificate, foreign passport and I-94, U.S. citizenship certificate).
  • Washington, D.C. residency (e.g., recent utility bill, recent phone bill, rental agreement).
  • SSN (e.g., Social Security card, pay statement, W-2 form)

Replace an ID Card

If your Washington, D.C. ID card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you can order a duplicate:

If you're requesting a replacement in person, you will need to bring the following documents:

You will also need to pay the required replacement ID card fee.

Change Your Name or Address

If you've moved to a new address in Washington, D.C., you will need to notify the D.C. DMV within 60 calendar days.

Any changes in your name must also be reported to the D.C. DMV and you'll need to obtain a replacement ID card.

For more information, visit our following pages:


DMVR-4 Drivers License or Identification Card Application

Apply for a driver's license or identification card from the Washington D.C. DMV. You can also use this form to register to vote.

Download Open the form
DC DMV-6MR-001 6-Month Residency Certification For Limited Purpose Credential

This form is used to establish Washington, D.C. residency when applying for a limited-purpose ID card or driver's license.

Download Open the form
DMV-SSN-001 Social Security Number Declaration for Limited Purpose Credential

This form is used by the D.C. DMV to confirm whether or not you have a Social Security number, whether you are eligible to receive one, OR to state that you cannot establish legal presence in the U.S. but have been assigned a Social Security number.

Download Open the form

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