DMV Forms in Washington DC

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides many vehicle and driver forms online; see the list below that you can download* and fill out at home. 

For any forms you can't find on the list, you can drop in at your local DC DMV office to pick them up in person. Also, don't forget to check out our pages with the WA, D.C. driver's manual and motorcycle handbook

If you need any assistance finding or filling out your forms, contact the DMV at (202) 737-4404.

*NOTE: You'll need Adobe's free Reader software to access the forms below. 

Most Requested Forms

SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card

Apply for an original, replacement, OR corrected Social Security card.

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DMV-CTA-001 Certificate of Title/Temporary Tag Application

Title and register your vehicle with the Washington D.C. DMV.

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DMVR-4 Drivers License or Identification Card Application

Apply for a driver's license or identification card from the Washington D.C. DMV. You can also use this form to register to vote.

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Driver's License & ID Forms

DC DMV-6MR-001 6-Month Residency Certification For Limited Purpose Credential

This form is used to establish Washington, D.C. residency when applying for a limited-purpose ID card or driver's license.

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DMV-GRAD-HR40 Certificate for Eligibility for Provisional License

Use this form to certify you are eligible to obtain a provisional license. MUST be signed by your driving tutor.

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DMV-GRAD-HR10 Certification of Eligibility for Full License with Conditions

Use this form to certify you are eligible to obtain a full driver's license. MUST be signed by your driving tutor.

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DMV-PCF-01 Parental Consent Form to Obtain a Learner Permit

Use this form to provide consent for your child to obtain a learner permit.

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DMN-DIO-RHA-002 Reinstatement Hearing Application

Apply to have your Washington D.C. driver's license reinstated after it was revoked or suspended.

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Title & Registration Forms

PD 330 Application for Boat Certificate of Title/Registration Number

Title and register your boat in Washington, D.C. MUST be notarized.

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DMV-EGTE-01 Excise Tax Gift Exemption

Use this form to transfer ownership of a vehicle to a family member in Washington D.C. and exemption from excise tax.

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OVT-P-002 Organizational Vehicle Tags

Use this form to apply for specialty vehicle tags for your D.C.-based nonprofit.

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DMV-PTA-01 Personalized Tags Application

Apply for personalized tags for your vehicle or motorcycle from the D.C. DMV.

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Ticket & Violations Forms

DMV-ADS 003 Appeals Application

Use this form to appeal a traffic or parking ticket AFTER you have been denied a reconsideration by a D.C. DMV hearing examiner.

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7/2015 Ignition Interlock Program Application

Apply for an ignition interlock device after you've been convicted of a DUI.

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DMV-ADS-002 Mail Adjudication Hearing

Request a hearing to contest a parking violation or photo enforcement violation with the Washington D.C. DMV.

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AD-PA-01 Power of Attorney

This form designates and rescinds power of attorney to someone besides yourself who will represent you in a D.C. DMV hearing.

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DMV-ADS-RR-001 Request for Reconsideration

Submit this form to the D.C. DMV within 30 days of receiving a parking ticket, moving violation, or photo enforcement citation to request a reconsideration of the violation.

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Commercial Forms

CDL-ST WVR Application for Military Skills Test Waiver

Request to have the CDL skills test waived if you recently drove a commercial vehicle in the military. MUST be completed by your commanding officer.

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649-F Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination

All DC commercial driver's license applicants must undergo a medical exam

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Disability Forms

DMV-MF-DPLP-01 Disability Parking Placard and/or Tags Application

Request original, replacement, renewal, permanent, OR temporary disabled parking permits OR license plates from the Washington D.C. DMV. Medical section MUST be completed by a licensed physician.

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DMV-ODPPA -01 One-week Disability Parking Placard Application

Apply for a 1-week disability parking placard from the D.C. DMV if you have a short-term disability OR your vehicle with permanent disability plates is being repaired.

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Voter Registration Forms

76 Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application

If you're a U.S. citizen currently living outside the country, use this form to register to vote AND/OR request an absentee voting ballot.

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