Commercial Driver FAQs in Washington DC

What is a passing score for the CDL knowledge test?

A score of at least 80% is considered a passing score.

How long is my CDL valid?

The CDL is valid for up to 8 years.

For what convictions can my commercial driving privileges be withdrawn?

If you are convicted of driving a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, if you leave the scene of an accident that involves the commercial vehicle that you are operating, if you use a commercial vehicle in the course of committing a felony, or if you commit 2 serious traffic violations or more involving a commercial vehicle within 3 years, your commercial driving privileges can be withdrawn.

Can I keep my CDL from another state if it is still valid?

No. According to federal law, you are limited to one driver's license. You will need to apply for a DC CDL.

Who is exempt from the CDL requirements?

Military personnel, including the National Guard and Reserve, are exempt when on duty, in uniform, and in possession of a valid military driver's license for the class of vehicle being driven. Drivers of emergency vehicles or fire equipment and drivers of recreational vehicles and rental trucks, when operated for personal use, are also exempt from needing a CDL.

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