Dealer Forms in Washington DC

When you run a busy auto dealership, you'll need to interface with the Department of Motor Vehicles daily. In the past, this meant running back and forth to the DMV for various forms and documents―both time consuming and inconvenient.

In an effort to eliminate most of these visits, the District of Columbia DMV now has a special online authorization service where car dealers, insurance agencies, and other authorized vehicle agents can register an online digital certificate. This digital certificate will allow them to perform secure business transactions with the DMV. This is a great convenience and cuts down on many in-person visits.

To apply for a digital certification, complete the Application for Digital Certificate (Form DMV-EDDC-01).

Because now that almost all dealer transactions can be handled online, there are few paper forms to be dealt with. Of course, you may still pick up forms in person at a DMV service location. Transactions available there (and online, if you've registered for the digital certificate) include:


Certificate of Title/Temporary Tag Application
Title and register your vehicle with the Washington D.C. DMV.
Application for Digital Certificate
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