Replacing a Lost CDL in Washington

Per the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL), you must apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license in person; you cannot apply online or by mail. The WA DOL can explain any exceptions if you're currently out of state, and DO NOT operate your commercial truck or any commercial vehicle until you have a replacement CDL in hand.

The WA DOL recommends reporting your lost CDL and provides state-specific details.

Duplicate CDL in Washington

Apply for a replacement CDL in person at your local DOL office.

Be prepared to:

  • Pass an eye exam.
  • Pay the fee.

Report Your Lost CDL in WA

Because the state won't place an alert on your driving record UNLESS the WA DOL detects fraudulent activity, it's best to immediately report your lost CDL to law enforcement.

The WA DOL provides instructions on what to do if someone uses your name and date or birth to obtain a license and/or if someone receives a traffic ticket while using your license. The state also recommends contacting the License Integrity Unity for additional help and instructions on how to protect your identity if your CDL becomes lost or stolen.

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