DMV Practice Tests in Washington

DMV Practice Tests in Washington

Consider trying to pass an online DMV practice test before you take the actual Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) knowledge test. Practice tests are available for teenage drivers, adults, motorcycle riders, and commercial drivers.

Keep reading for important details about Washington DMV practice tests.

Take a Washington DOL Practice Test

DMV.ORG offers practice tests and other study resources for each type of WA driver's license. Depending on the license you're applying for, you may need to take a practice test or use a study guide for any of the following:

  • WA learner's permit.
    • If you're 15 1/2 years old (and not enrolled in Driver's Ed), you must pass a written test at the DOL to get your permit.
  • Regular driver's license.
  • Motorcycle license.
    • Covers all the rules and regulations specific to motorcycles.
  • Commercial driver's license (CDL) practice tests.
    • If you need a CDL endorsement, such as a school bus endorsement, you can take a specific practice test to get you ready for your exam.

If you would rather learn the rules of the road from interactive videos, try taking a Driver's Prep Course. You can also print a DMV study guide to make studying easier.

Benefits of Washington DMV Practice Tests

Passing the Washington knowledge exam is no easy task, even if you've thoroughly studied the WA Driver Handbook. You may want to test your knowledge of WA traffic laws and road signs by taking an online DMV practice test. You'll benefit from having:

  • Supplementary material to prepare for the written exam.
  • Experience in answering questions in a similar format to the actual WA DOL exam.
  • More confidence in your knowledge of WA traffic rules and safe driving practices.

Sample Washington DOL Practice Test Questions

The Washington DOL knowledge test is in multiple-choice format. Here are a few examples of test questions you may end up seeing on the actual DMV written test.

Sample Question # 1

To avoid driving in the blind spot of a truck or bus driver, you should:

a) Never pass it.
b) Not drive on either side of the vehicle or tailgate.
c) Honk your horn.
d) Flash your headlamps.

(Answer: b)

Sample Question #2

To turn right, you should position your vehicle in this lane:

a) The left lane.
b) The center lane.
c) The nearest lane to the direction you want to go.
d) Any lane.

(Answer: c)

Sample Question #3

To park legally in Washington, your vehicle must be within this distance of the curb:

a) 6 inches.
b) 12 inches.
c) 18 inches.
d) 24 inches.

(Answer: b)

How to Pass Your WA DOL Written Exam

NOTE: The Washington DOL may not ask you to take the written test if you're able to present a valid out-of-state driver license AND you do NOT have a medical or physical condition that requires testing.

In Washington, the written test contains 40 questions. To pass the exam, you must answer at least 32 questions correctly.

When you're ready to take the written exam, visit your local Washington DMV office. Expect to see questions about traffic laws, road signs, and other material from the WA Driver Handbook.

To learn how to apply for a WA learner's permit or driver's license, go to our following pages:

NOTE: If you're applying for a motorcycle license, you'll need to take the knowledge test during your motorcycle safety course or at any motorcycle training school.

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