DOL Forms in Washington

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) allows online access to many driver and vehicle-related forms, which you'll find below. Keep in mind, some forms may only be available in person at your local DOL office branch.

If you're looking for manuals, jump over to our pages with the WA driver's handbook and/or motorcycle manual.

Still can't find the form you're looking for? Give the Washington DOL a call at (360) 902-3600 for assistance.

NOTE: Using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, you can download and fill out the forms electronically and e-mail them with your credit card payment. This option is limited to certain forms. You can also conduct a few transactions through the DOL's website, such as renewing your driver's license.

Most Requested Forms

Application for a Social Security Card - SS-5

Apply for an original, replacement, OR corrected Social Security card.

Driver License Change of Address - DR-500-039

Use this form to request a change of address on your Washington driver's license OR identification card.

Parental Authorization Affidavit - DLE-520-003

Form used to certify a new driver has completed the WA Department of Licensing's required supervised driving hours. Must be completed by the parent, legal guardian, OR employer of the new driver.

Vehicle Certificate of Ownership Title Application - TD-420-001

Application for a Washington vehicle title. Must be notarized if you don't sign the application in front of a DOL agent.

Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale - TD-420-065

Bill of Sale form to complete when you buy or sell a vehicle OR vessel in Washington. The buyer will need to submit the completed Bill of Sale to the DOL when transferring the vehicle/vessel title into their name.

Driver's License & ID Forms

Driver License Extension Request - DR-500-019

Ask the DOL for an extension on your WA driver's license if you'll be out-of-state when it expires.

Restricted Driver License Application - DR-500-001

Apply for a temporary restricted driver's license if your current Washington license is suspended. Eligibility depends on the conditions of your finances and employment.

Title & Registration Forms

Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest - TD-420-040

Notify the WA Department of Licensing that title, registration, tabs, decals, OR license plates have been lost, stolen, OR destroyed. Releases you from that vehicle's interest.

Application for Out of Area Temporary Exemption From Emission Testing - ECY 020-09

Submit to the DOL to request an extension for your vehicle emissions test if your car isn't currently in an emissions test area.

Collectible Vehicle Certification for Emission Test Exemption - TD-420-810

Certify that your car is a collectible vehicle AND is therefore exempt from the Washington DOL’s emission testing requirements.

License Plate Replacement Application - TD-420-504

Request replacement WA license plates from the Department of Licensing.

Special License Plate Application - TD-420-499

Use this form to order specialized AND/OR vanity license plates from the WA Department of Licensing.

Vehicle/Vessel Owner Name Update Affidavit for Individual - TD-420-047

If your name has changed, submit this form to the Department of Licensing to update your WA vehicle/vessel records.

Vehicle/Vessel Refund Request - TD-420-454

Request a refund for vehicle registration fees if you meet the WA DOL’s eligibility requirements (printed on the form).

Vessel Title Application - TD-420-289

Application to title your vessel (i.e. boat) with the Washington Department of Licensing. Must be notarized if you don't sign the application before a DOL agent.

Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle Road Use Declaration - TD-420-003

Register a wheeled all-terrain vehicle (WATV) for use on public roads with the Washington Department of Licensing. Form must be completed by a certified WATV inspector.

Buying & Selling Forms

Declaration of Buyer and Seller Regarding Value of Used Vehicle Sold - REV 32 2501

Use this form to disclose the amount paid for a vehicle bought/sold in WA. Required by the Department of Licensing for taxation purposes.

Vehicle Report of Sale - TD-420-062

Notify the Washington DOL that you've transferred ownership (i.e. sold or gave away) of a vehicle.

Ticket & Violations Forms

Application for DUI Indigent Waiver - HRNG-525-010

Ask the Washington DOL to waive the administrative fee for a DUI hearing you've been summoned for. Must prove indigence to qualify.

Ignition Interlock Device Financial Assistance Application - DR-500-024

Apply with the Washington DOL for financial assistance with the installation and leasing of an ignition interlock device.

Request for DUI Hearing - HRNG-525-001

Request a hearing from the Washington DOL if you're in danger of losing your driving privileges because of a DUI charge.

Commercial Forms

Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination - 649-F

Medical examination form required when you apply for a Washington commercial driver's license. Must be completed by a doctor.

Medical Examiners Certificate - MCSA-5876

Medical examination certificate all Washington CDL holders must carry. Certificate must be completed with a medical professional.

Military Forms

Application for Military Skills Test Waiver - CDL-SK TST WVR

Request a CDL skills test waiver if you recently drove a commercial vehicle in the military and are applying for a Washington commercial driver's license. Must be completed by your commanding officer.

Military License Plate Application - TD-420-500

DOL application for WA military license plates.

Non-Resident Military Affidavit for Exemption of Excise Tax - 420-044

Apply for tax exemption when registering your vehicle with the DOL if you're temporarily in Washington for military purposes.

Veteran/Military Service Award Emblem Application - TD-420-075

Request for military/veteran emblems to be added to your Washington license plates.

Disability Forms

Disabled Parking Application for Individuals - TD-420-073

Apply for temporary OR permanent WA disabled parking placards OR license plates. Must be completed by your healthcare provider.

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application - 76

If you're a U.S. citizen living out of your voting jurisdiction, use this form to register to vote AND/OR request an absentee ballot. BBB Business Review