DOL Driver Handbook in Washington

SUMMARY: Washington Driver Handbooks

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) has a number of driver handbooks and DMV manuals available online. These include the WA driver's guide, manual for motorcycle operators, and the commercial driver guide. Also available online is the Washington Vehicle Code.

This page includes links to all of the driving manuals and DMV handbooks available in Washington designed to make you a safer driver.

Washington Driver's Manual

Reading the Washington Driver Guide (520-400) will help you get ready for the driver's license exams. In this DMV handbook you'll learn how to:

  • Apply for your driver's license in Washington.
  • Read and follow traffic signs.
  • Register your vehicle.
  • Drive safely.
  • Handle emergency situations.

NOTE: The driver's manual is also available in a number of different languages:

  • Spanish.
  • Chinese.
  • Korean.
  • Russian.
  • Vietnamese.
  • Japanese.
Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

An ideal complement to studying the Washington driving manual is to prepare for the written exam with an online practice test from our approved partner. They offer practice tests for most types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

Motorcycle Operator Manual

If you plan to get your motorcycle license in Washington, check out the Motorcycle Operator Manual (520-407). Some topics covered in the motorcycle drivers manual include:

  • Motorcycle endorsements.
  • Novice rider courses.
  • Protection and gear requirements.
  • Basic vehicle control (shifting gears, cornering, braking, etc.)
  • Brake lights.
  • Vehicle equipment.

In addition to studying the motorcycle DMV manual, you can also take an online practice test for motorcycle riders to prepare for your written exam.

Commercial Driver's Manual in WA

Before you apply for a WA commercial driver's license (CDL), study the Washington Commercial Driver Guide (520-408) to prepare yourself for the WA DOL knowledge and driving tests. Topics within the CDL DMV handbook include:

  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safely.
  • How to transport hazardous materials.
  • Knowledge/skills tests.
  • CDL endorsements.
  • Air brakes.
  • CDL disqualifications and suspensions.
  • Mountain driving.
  • Driving in different weather conditions.
  • Transporting cargo and passengers safely.

To test your knowledge of the CDL driving manual before you take the written exam, try passing an online CDL practice test first.

WA Vehicle Code

In addition to the DMV handbooks and driving manuals available in Washington, you can look to other driving resources.

Browse the Washington Vehicle code to read the laws related to vehicle titling and registration, traffic violations, and driver's licensing in the state.

Reading the code may help you understand why you received a traffic ticket and may also come in handy if you want to fight the charge in court. To learn how to respond to a traffic ticket, visit our Traffic Tickets in Washington page. This will help you find information you might not be able to find in the drivers handbook.

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