Disability Plates and Placards in Washington

SUMMARY: Washington Disability Plates & Placards

People with disabilities in Washington can apply for disabled parking permits from the DOL. Both placards and license plates are available to those who qualify. Handicapped parking permits must be renewed to remain valid. You can replace a placard or plate if it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Keep reading for more details about the disability placards and license plates available in Washington.

Types of WA Disability Permits

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) issues the following placards and license plates for handicapped parking:

  • Disability placards for people with temporary and permanent disabilities.
  • Disability license plates for people with permanent disabilities.
  • Disability parking tabs for people with permanent disabilities who have special or personalized plates.
  • Disabled veteran license plates for those with a service-related disability.

NOTE: If you order a license plate or parking tab, you can also get 1 placard.

Disability placards and plates are also available to organizations that transport people with disabilities. See the WA DOL website for more information about organizational parking permits.

Visitors with Disabilities

If you have a handicapped placard or license plate from your home state and you're just visiting, you may use your parking permit in WA.

You are responsible for adhering to WA state and local parking regulations.

Disability Parking Regulations

With a disabled parking placard or license plate, you can park in spaces designated specifically for persons with disabilities.

You CANNOT park in spaces that state “no stopping or parking anytime."

Apply for Washington Disabled Parking

There are two ways to apply for a disabled placard or license plate, including a disabled veteran plate:

  • By mail.
  • In person.

To apply for a handicapped placard or license plate, you must submit:

  • The Disabled Parking Application for Individuals (Form TD-420-076), which must include medical certification by any of the following:
    • Licensed physician.
    • Physician's assistant.
    • Registered nurse practitioner.
  • The relevant fee:.
    • License plate: $32.75. (Fee does not include vehicle registration.)
    • Parking tabs: $13.75.
    • Placards are free

Submit your application:

  • By mail to:
    Special Plate Unit
    Department of Licensing
    P.O. Box 9043
    Olympia, WA 98507
  • In person at a vehicle licensing office, except for the Schmidt Insurance Service office in Odessa, WA.

Renew Disability Placards & Plates

Disability placards and license plates expire and require renewal or re-application to remain valid.

Renewal is free for all disability placards and license plates.

Temporary Placards

Temporary placards are valid for up to 12 months.

Once a placard expires, you must return it to the Washington DOL by mail to the address above or in person at a vehicle licensing office.

If you still need disabled parking, you must apply for a new placard.

Permanent Disability Parking

Permanent placards, license plates, and parking tabs are valid for up to 5 years at a time.

If your permanent disability certification (placard or plate) is still valid, you'll renew by completing the renewal reminder sent to you.

Submit your renewal reminder to:

  • To the address on the reminder.
  • In person at a vehicle licensing office (except for the Schmidt Insurance Service office in Odessa).

If your permanent disability certification has been expired you may be required to re-apply.

NOTE: If you have a disability license plate or tabs, you must ALSO renew your vehicle registration when it is due for your plate to be valid.

Replace WA Handicap Placards & Plates

If your placard or license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can get a replacement at some vehicle licensing offices.

Contact the WA DOL at (360) 902-3770 or 711 (TDD) for a list of offices that offer replacements.


Disabled Parking Application for Individuals
Apply for temporary OR permanent WA disabled parking placards OR license plates. Must be completed by your healthcare provider.
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