Applying for Special Plates in Washington

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Washington License Plate

You can apply for special plates in Washington in person or by mail. Renewing special design plates is part of your vehicle registration renewal. Make sure to verify your address with the DOL before replacing your special plate or transferring it. Fees for special plates vary.

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) offers several types of special plates. Multiple methods of applying for special plates are available, depending on your desired plate.

Applying for Special Plates in Washington

You can apply for Washington special plates:

  • In person.
  • By mail.

To apply:

Personalized Plates

To apply for a WA personalized plate:

Before submitting your application, you can use the DOL website to check the availability of your desired plate message/combination.

Once ordered, your personalized plates should arrive within 8 weeks.

Military Plates

To apply for military plates in Washington, you must mail in the following:

Visit the DOL website to learn more about application requirements for military plates.

Send all of the above to the address listed on the application.

Veteran/Military Service Award Emblems

Veterans and military service award recipients can apply for a corresponding license plate emblem by taking the following steps.

  • Complete a Veteran/Military Service Award Emblem Application (Form TD-420-075).
    • Sign the form in the presence of a licensing representative.
  • Provide appropriate supporting documents*.
    • Documents are listed on the application.
  • Provide cash or a check or money order for $18 payable to Department of Licensing.
  • Take all of the above in person to your local vehicle licensing office.

* If you are unable to provide a copy of your DD 214 or awarding orders, you must get your form notarized/certified.

NOTE: You may be able to apply by mail. Call your local licensing office to confirm methods of application.

Renewing WA Specialty License Plates

Your special license plates are renewed as part of your registration renewal.

Specialty license plate renewal fees may apply and are separate from standard registration fees.

For more detailed information about renewing your vehicle registration, visit our Registration Renewal in Washington page.

Replacing & Transferring Special Plates

Replace a Specialty WA License Plate

Should you lose or damage your specialty plates, you may request replacements. Before replacing your plates, however, you must verify your address with the DOL. You can do this:

To replace your lost, stolen, or damaged special license plate, bring a photo ID and payment for the plate fee to any vehicle licensing office with:

Transfer a WA Special Plate

If you sell your car, you may be able to transfer your plates to another of your vehicles. BEFORE transferring your special plates, you must verify your address with the WA Department of Licensing.

To transfer your special plates from one vehicle to another, you can do one of the following:

  • Visit any vehicle license office.
  • Mail the following to any vehicle license office:
    • A copy of the registration to which you want your plates to be transferred.
    • A letter stating that you want your plates to be transferred. Include:
      • Your license plate number.
      • Your current address.
    • Check or money order for the transfer fee.
      • Contact your local vehicle licensing office to get your exact fee.

Fees for Special Plates in Washington

Special plate fees vary depending on the plate.

For information on initial plate fees, visit the DOL Special Design Plates page and click on your desired plate.

For questions on specific fees, contact a vehicle licensing office.


Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest
Notify the WA Department of Licensing that title, registration, tabs, decals, OR license plates have been lost, stolen, OR destroyed. Releases you from that vehicle's interest.
License Plate Replacement Application
Request replacement WA license plates from the Department of Licensing.
Military License Plate Application
DOL application for WA military license plates.
Special License Plate Application
Use this form to order specialized AND/OR vanity license plates from the WA Department of Licensing.
Veteran/Military Service Award Emblem Application
Request for military/veteran emblems to be added to your Washington license plates.
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