Title Transfers in Vermont

How to Transfer a Vehicle Title in Vermont:
  1. The seller assigns the title over to the buyer and provides an odometer disclosure and bill of sale.
  2. The buyer brings the paperwork from the seller to the DMV.
  3. The buyer completes a title and registration application form.
  4. The buyer submits all documents, plus payment for the titling fees.

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New Vermont Residents

Vermont requires a title on all vehicles with a few exceptions. After moving to the state, if your vehicle falls within this classification, you'll need to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to transfer your out-of-state title and register your car.

Bring to your local DMV office:

  • An Odometer Disclosure Statement for vehicles 20 years old and newer.
  • Proof of tax paid in your previous state.
  • Proof of VIN verification.
    • This can be conducted at the DMV office or by a law enforcement official.
  • Payment for required title fees and taxes.
  • Your title will be mailed either to you, if you are the sole owner, or to your lienholder, if applicable.

    Buying or Selling a Vermont Vehicle

    Buying from a Dealer

    Typically, Vermont dealers are able to take care of the titling and registration process for you when you purchase a new vehicle. However, some may not be, in which case you will need to visit your local DMV office to title the vehicle yourself.

    Bring with you:

    Buying from a Private Party

    If you purchase a used Vermont vehicle in a private sale, you'll need to obtain the following documents and submit them to your local DMV office:

    Selling a Car in Vermont

    If you're selling a vehicle to another party, the buyer is responsible for submitting the required paperwork to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    As the seller, you are responsible for turning over the proper documentation to the buyer. This includes:

    Gifting, Donating, or Inheriting a Vehicle

    Gifted & Donated Vehicles in Vermont

    When transferring ownership of a VT vehicle as a gift, the gifter acts as the seller, and the recipient acts as the buyer in the transaction.

    The process is the same as that listed for buying a vehicle from a private seller, with the addition of completing and submitting a Certification of Tax Exemption (Form VT-014).

    Inherited VT Vehicles

    The process for transferring ownership of a vehicle when the owner has passed away differs based on a number of different factors—whether the car was owned jointly by spouses, whether it was owned solely by the deceased, whether it was owned by the deceased and unrelated persons, etc.

    Please refer to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles' Death Informational Bulletin for all possible scenarios, and the requirements for each.

    Titling Fees in Vermont

    Here are the basic titling fees and taxes you will owe when titling a vehicle in Vermont:

    • Original title: $42.
    • Title transfer: $42.
    • Clear title after lien removal: $42.
    • Corrected title: $42.
    • Duplicate title: $42.
    • Assignment of security interest to title: $14.
    • Title search: $27.
    • Vehicle tax: 6% of taxable vehicle cost.

    Removing Liens from a VT Title

    Once you have paid off a loan on your car, you can obtain a clear title from the DMV that removes the name of your lienholder as co-owner of the vehicle.

    Send a Release of Lien (Form TA-VT-08) to your lienholder. They should input their information and sign the title back over to you.

    You can then send the Release of Lien and a Duplicate Title Application (Form VT-04) to the DMV, along with payment for the duplicate title fee.

    Obtain a Duplicate VT Title

    If you've lost or misplaced the title to your Vermont vehicle, or you need to change information on it, you can order a replacement through the VT DMV.

    Submit a Duplicate Title Application (Form VT-04) along with payment for your duplicate title fee to your local DMV location. You may also need to bring proof of ID and your current registration certificate, so have those on hand—just in case.


    Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement
    Complete and submit this form to the Vermont DMV after the private sale of a vehicle. The buyer MUST sign the salvage section if the vehicle is salvaged or has been totalled.
    Duplicate Title Application
    Use this form to apply for a duplicate vehicle title with the Vermont DMV.
    Gift Tax Exemption
    Use this form to apply for a gift tax exemption when transferring a vehicle from one person to another without charge.
    Registration Tax and Title Application
    Use this form to register and title your vehicle with the Vermont DMV.
    Release of Lien
    Submit this form to the VT DMV, along with the indicated fee, to release a lien from a vehicle you own.
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