Suspended License in Vermont

Driver License Suspension in Vermont

In Vermont, your driver's license can be suspended for several reasons including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) of alcohol.
  • Drug-related offenses.
  • Accumulating too many driving record points.
  • Violating insurance laws.

On this page, you'll find information about your suspension and how to reinstate your Vermont driver's license.

About Your Suspended Vermont License

The duration of your VT driver's license suspension and requirements to reinstate it will vary depending on your offense.

NOTE: If you were convicted of a crime for your offense, you may also face additional court penalties and fines.

Regardless of your violation, your driver license suspension will last until you satisfy all of your reinstatement requirements. See “Reinstate Your Suspended VT License" below.

When your license is suspended, the VT DMV will mail you a notice of suspension. For information about your specific situation, refer to your notice or contact the Vermont DMV:

Check Your Vermont Driver License Status

Traffic violations and accidents can lead to points on your Vermont driving record.

If you accumulate too many driving record points, the Vermont DMV will:

  • Send you a warning letter.
  • Suspend your driver's license.

You can order your driving record to:

  • View your traffic offenses.
  • Check your driver's license status.
  • View your driving record points.

VT Suspension Hearings and Appeals

Depending on your offense, you may be able to request a Vermont DMV administrative hearing to contest your suspended license.

NOTE: Vermont DMV administrative hearings have no effect on court decisions.

For information about requesting an administrative hearing, contact the Vermont DMV by calling (802) 828-2016.

Is Your License Suspended? Get the Legal Help You Need.

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Reinstate Your Suspended VT License

The requirements to reinstate your suspended license will vary depending on your offense.

To reinstate your driver's license, you may need to:

  • Submit an SR22/proof of car insurance to the VT DMV, if necessary.
  • Retake and pass the driving skills and knowledge tests.
  • Satisfy any court requirements, if applicable.
  • Pay a reinstatement fee. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your VT Driver's License" below.)

You can pay your reinstatement fees:

  • By mail to:
      Vermont DMV
      Attn: Driver Improvement
      120 State St.
      Montpelier, VT 05603
      • Provide a note that includes your:
        • Full name.
        • Date of birth.
        • Mailing address.
  • Online on the Vermont DMV website. You'll need to enter your:
    • Driver license number.
    • Suspension notice/ticket number.
    • Date of birth.

After paying reinstatement fees online, the Vermont DMV should contact you within 7 business days.

Obtain a Restricted VT Driver's License

Depending on the reason for your suspension, you may be eligible for a restricted VT driver's license, which allows you to drive to and from authorized locations.

If your driver license suspension was caused by an alcohol-related offense (DWI/DUI), you may be eligible for an ignition interlock device restricted driver's license. To apply, you'll need to:

  • Serve a minimum period of your suspension.
  • Contact the VT DMV at (802) 828-2061.
    • The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles will review your driving record and determine your eligibility.
  • Pay the restricted license fee. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your Suspended License" below.)

Fees to Reinstate Your Suspended License

The fees to reinstate your suspended license will vary depending on your offense. Below are general Vermont DMV reinstatement/restricted license fees that may apply to your situation.

Reinstatement Fees:

  • Driver license reinstatement: $71.
  • Online driver's license reinstatement: $73.

Restricted Driver's License:

  • Ignition interlock restricted license: $125.
  • Enhanced ignition interlock restricted license: $150.

Additional Copies of Notices:

  • Suspension notice: $6.
  • Reinstatement notice: $6.

NOTE: If you were convicted of a crime, you may also face additional court fines and fees.

For fees relating to your specific situation, refer to your suspension notice or contact the Vermont DMV.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles accepts the following forms of payment for suspended license reinstatements and restricted licenses.

  • In person:
    • Cash.
    • Check and money order payable to “Department of Motor Vehicles."
    • Credit/debit card.
  • By mail: Check and money order payable to “Department of Motor Vehicles."
  • Online: Discover, MasterCard, and VISA credit/debit cards.

NOTE: You may be charged an additional convenience fee for certain transactions.

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