Special License Plates in Vermont

SUMMARY: Vermont Specialty License Plates

Several specialty license plates are available to Vermont residents. You can order plates for organizations and causes, vanity license plates, and military plates. Application processes vary depending on the type of special plate you'd like.

Read below to learn more about specialty license plates available from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

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Specialty License Plate Options

In Vermont, specialty license plates are available for:

  • Amateur Radio Operators.
  • The American Legion.
  • Building Bright Futures.
  • Conservation (multiple design options).
  • Emergency Medical Services.
  • Freemasons.
  • Lions Club International.
  • Rotary International.
  • The Vermont State Firefighters Association.

License plates for professional roles and membership organizations require proof of eligibility, such as:

  • Your valid membership card.
  • A letter verifying your employment.

See the VT DMV website for the eligibility requirements.

Apply for Specialty Plates

The application process for Vermont specialty plates differs from plate to plate.

To find specific information about applying for a particular specialty plate, visit the Vermont DMV website and click on your desired plate.

The information you will find typically includes the following:

  • The application form associated with the specialty plate.
  • Links to fee information.
    • Specialty plate fees vary by plate.
  • A list of additional required documents.
    • This typically applies when you must meet certain eligibility requirements.

NOTE: If you are applying for license plates for a new vehicle, you will also need to register it. Visit our page on Vehicle Registration in Vermont for more information.

Fees for Specialty License Plates

The fee for each specialty license plate varies. Some tags have only application fees, while others have annual fees.

These specialty plate fees are charged IN ADDITION to regular vehicle registration fees.

Examples of specialty plate fees include:

  • Building Bright Futures plate: $29 annually.
  • Conservation license plate: $32 annually.

See the VT Department of Motor Vehicles website for a complete list of plate fees.

Vanity License Plates in Vermont

The standard VT license plate and some specialty plates can be personalized with a custom tag number.

To check if your desired plate may be personalized, visit the Vermont DMV website and find your plate.

Your personalized vanity plate must have no more than:

  • 7 characters on standard plates.
  • 6 characters on motorcycle, moped and small trailer plates.
  • 5 characters on disabled parking plates.
  • 4 characters on antique or exhibition plates.

Vanity plates CANNOT include language that:

  • Is profane or vulgar.
  • References drugs.
  • Expresses prejudice.
  • Resembles the name of a government agency.

Apply for Personalized Plates

To personalize a standard (non-specialty) plate, submit a completed Special Plate Application (Form VD-017).

To personalize a specialty plate, complete the personalization options on the corresponding special plate application form. See “Apply for Specialty Plates" above for more information.

Personalized plates cost $58 annually IN ADDITION to Vermont registration fees AND any specialty plate fees.

VT Military License Plates

Military plates from the Vermont DMV are available to veterans, active duty military, and members of military organizations.

Examples of available license plates include:

  • The Afghanistan Campaign plate.
  • The POW license plate.
  • The U.S. Veteran license plate.
  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars plate.

Each plate has specific requirements for proof of eligibility. Most require certification from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

See the VT DMV website for a complete list of available plates and eligibility requirements.

Apply for Military Plates

You'll find complete application information for military-related license plates on the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles website.

You'll usually need to submit:

  • The appropriate application form.
  • Additional required documents proving your eligibility.
    • Make sure you fully read the “required documents" section for the plate prior to competing and submitting your application.
  • Payment (if required).

Any military plate fees are charged IN ADDITION to standard Vermont registration fees.

Antique Vehicle Plates in VT

The VT DMV offers specialty license plates and registration for:

  • Antique vehicles.
  • Jitneys.
  • Street rods.

For vehicle guidelines and application information, contact the VT DMV at (888) 998-3766.

Renew, Replace, or Transfer Plates

Renew Specialty Plates

Specialty plate renewal in Vermont is part of your registration renewal process.

Several specialty plates come with a renewal fee that is charged in addition to your standard registration renewal fees. See your application form to find your renewal fee.

To learn more about renewing your registration, visit our Registration Renewal in Vermont page.

Replace Specialty Plates

If your license plates get lost, stolen, or damaged, you can apply for replacement plates in person or by mail.

NOTE: if your plates were lost or stolen, or if BOTH plates were damaged, the Vermont DMV requires that you get a plate with a new number.

To learn how to apply for your replacement plates, visit our License Plates and Placards in VT page.

Transfer Your Specialty Plates

When you sell your car, you keep your license plates; you do not give your plates to the buyer.

If you wish, you may transfer your specialty plates to another vehicle that you own/purchase. If not, you must surrender them to the Vermont DMV.

To learn all about transferring your plates, visit our Vermont License Plates and Placards page.


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