Replacing a Lost CDL in Vermont

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires you to apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license in person; however, the state MIGHT make an exception if you're currently out of state. If you're out of state with your commercial truck or any other commercial vehicle, DO NOT operate it until you find out if you can get a replacement before you return.

Because identity thieves can use your CDL for fraud, consider reporting your lost CDL to authorities as soon as you realize it's missing.

How to Get a Replacement CDL in VT

The VT DMV states commercial drivers must apply for duplicate licenses in person at a VT DMV office.

Before you head to the office, be prepared with:

After you meet all requirements, the DMV representative will instruct you regarding when you'll receive your replacement CDL.

Duplicate CDL for Out-of-State Drivers

As mentioned above, the VT DMV requires commercial drivers to apply for duplicates in person; however, if you're out of state with your commercial vehicle the DMV MIGHT give you another option.

Contact your local VT DMV office for details.


Application for Commercial License/Permit
Application to the Vermont Division of Motor Vehicles for a CDL.
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