DMV Practice Tests in Vermont

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Vermont

Learn all about VT DMV practice tests, the various types of practice tests available in Vermont, and how using a practice will help prepare you to take the written exam at the DMV.

What Are DMV Practice Tests?

A DMV practice test is an exam that you can use to prepare for your written exam at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The idea behind these study tools is that the more you practice, the more prepared you'll be and, in turn, more likely to succeed on your first try.

Multiple types of practice tests are available to choose from, depending on your personal needs and the type of license you're seeking.

Why Take a Practice Test?

When preparing for your exam, you should start with the VT driver's manual; however, this isn't the most effective tool to review information and test your knowledge.

A practice test will help you discover which areas you know well and which areas you need to review further.

With an online practice test, you'll solidify your knowledge of the relevant information and head into your exam with the confidence to ace it.

The practice tests offered for Vermont feature two types of studying formats:

  • Study Guide Mode. In this mode, you'll study the information by seeing questions and getting the correct answers immediately. In this way, you learn as you complete the exam
  • Test Mode. In test mode, full-length tests are randomly created and then scored when the test is completed. Once the test is complete, you'll see all the answers.

Examples of Questions

The questions will be taken from the appropriate DMV handbook for the type of license you are seeking. A few examples you may find on your standard driver's license practice test are shown below:

Here are a few examples:

Q. When parking on a hill with a curb facing downhill, in what direction should the wheels of your vehicle be facing?

A. Toward the curb.

Q. If the wheels of your vehicle lock and you begin to skid, what should you do?

A. Take your foot off the brake.

Q. Can emotions like anger or depression affect your driving?

A. Yes, emotions can have a great affect on your driving.

Types of VT DMV Practice Tests

The practice tests are presented in an online interactive format. This means you can prepare for the exam on any Internet-connect device.

However, for your convenience you can also print your practice test and take it on the go – even while standing in line waiting for your actual exam!

You'll have a choice between a 50-question practice test, or you can opt for the more comprehensive 100-question practice test for additional preparation.

Depending on your license type and experience, you'll chose from the following tests:

  • Permit Practice Tests. New drivers seeking an instruction permit can utilize these tests to gain familiarity with basic road rules and traffic signs.
  • Driver's License Practice Tests. These tests were created for drivers with some experience who are getting their license for the first time or retaking the exam for some reason and want a refresher.
  • Motorcycle Practice Tests. These tests provide questions related to motorcycle operation and laws.
  • CDL Practice Tests. These tests were created drivers getting a Vermont commercial driver's license.
  • CDL Endorsement Practice Tests. These tests provide very specific questions related to CDL endorsements often required for professional drivers.
  • Road Sign Practice Tests. These exams will test your knowledge of signs you'll see on your written DMV exam.
  • Examen De Practica Para La Licencia (Practice Tests in Spanish). These tests were created for residents in Vermont who speak Spanish.

About the VT Written Knowledge Exam

Once you're confident that you've spent enough time preparing, it's time to head down to your local DMV office to take your written exam.

NOTE: Although you do not need an appointment to take the written exam for a learner's permit or standard driver's license, you will need to make an appointment for a CDL written exam.

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