DMV Point System in Vermont

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses a point system to track traffic tickets on your record.

Points can have a major effect on your daily life—your Vermont driver's license will be suspended if you accumulate 10 points or more on your driving record in 2 years.

Keep reading to learn about how points are assessed and can affect your driving privileges.

Points & Your VT Driver's License

The period your license will be suspended for depends on the number of points you've accumulated over a period of 2 years:

  • 10 points: 10 days.
  • 15 points: 30 days.
  • 20 points: 90 days.

For every 5 points you receive after 20 points, you'll face an additional 30 days of driver license suspension.

For the Record, Check Your Points!

It's a good idea to check the amount of points on your VT driving record, especially after receiving a traffic citation. This way you can prepare to make commuting arrangements if your driving privileges are in jeopardy.

Automatic License Suspension

Certain traffic violations that could result in immediate suspension of your driving privileges AND additional points on your record include:

  • Hit and run.
  • DUI or DWI.
  • Driving a car without the owner's consent.
  • Evading the police.

To learn more about driver's license suspension AND reinstating your driving privileges, take a look at our page on suspended licenses in VT.

Vermont DMV Point Schedule

The seriousness of each traffic violation determines how many points the Vermont DMV will add to your record. Below, you'll find a list of common traffic violations and their corresponding points.

For the full point schedule, take a look at the Department of Motor Vehicles index of violation codes.

NOTE: Commercial drivers may face more severe point penalties and punishments for traffic violations. If your CDL was suspended as a result, check out our page on suspended CDLs in Vermont.

2-Point Violations

In VT, you'll receive 2 points on your driving record for violations like:

  • Driving without a license.
  • Failing to yield the right of way at an intersection.
  • Running a red light OR stop sign.
  • Driving with an open container of an alcoholic beverage.
  • Speeding on an interstate highway.
  • Driving without insurance.
  • Failing to use your turn signals.

3-Point Violations

The VT DMV will add 3 points to your driving record for infractions like the following traffic tickets:

  • Illegally passing another vehicle.
  • Following too closely behind another car.
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road.

4-Point Violations

Traffic offenses including the following will add 4 points to your Vermont driving record:

  • Failing to obey a police officer.
  • Failure to yield to a pedestrian's right of way.

5-Point Violations

You'll receive 5 points on your record for citations such as:

  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles.
  • Illegally passing a school bus.
  • Texting while driving.

10-Point Violations

You'll receive 10 points on your Vermont driving record for violations like:

  • Negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
    • In other words, you drove in a manner that endangered the wellbeing of other drivers and/or pedestrians.
  • Driving a car without the owner's permission.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident you're involved in.
  • Attempting to elude the police.

For these serious offenses you could face suspension of your driver's license AND you could have to go to traffic court. For tips on how to handle citations in court, take a look at our page on fighting traffic tickets in Vermont.

Are Points Driving Up Your Insurance Rate?

Although taking a defensive driving course will not remove points on your record, traffic school can still help you save money. Certain auto insurance providers in Vermont may give you a DISCOUNT on insurance rates if you complete a defensive driving class.

Points & Your VT Driving Record

In Vermont, points remain on your driving record for 2 years from the date of conviction.

However, in some cases the points for a traffic conviction will be waived if you did NOT:

  • Accumulate any points on your driving record for 5 years prior to the violation.
  • Have more than 3 points on your Vermont driving record 10 years prior to receiving the traffic violation.
  • Commit a traffic offense warranting more than 3 points.
  • Drive a commercial vehicle.
  • Cause bodily harm or property damage to another person.

All in all, the best way to keep points off your record is to be a careful driver and of course, always obey the traffic laws!

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