Personal Injury Attorneys in Vermont

SUMMARY: Personal Injury Attorneys in Vermont

After you've been injured as the result of an accident, you can try to go it alone with your insurance company, but you're likely to get a better settlement offer when you obtain the services of a VT personal injury attorney. Knowing when to hire an attorney can help you avoid getting mired in a mess of legal complications and settling for less than you deserve.

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Personal injury simply means you were injured by the recklessness of another driver. Under this large scope, recklessness can mean many things including speeding, disobeying stop signs, improper lane changes, operating without a license, hit-and-run, failure to conform to weather conditions, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When you've been injured as the result of another driver, you may be entitled to damages (compensation) for your injuries. A personal injury attorney can help you effectively seek these damages.

Benefits of Hiring a VT Personal Injury Attorney

Seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, or emotional trauma is difficult. Despite being the victim, it's your word against the insurance companies - who will try their hardest to shrink your settlement figures. It's a frustrating process, especially when your honesty suddenly comes into question.

Obtaining a personal injury attorney in Vermont is strongly suggested. Confronting an insurance company on your own may seem like the easier option, but more likely than not will result in a meager settlement figure.

A personal injury lawyer knows what to expect and understands that the goal of an insurance company is to make money, not hand it out. However, when you have a lawyer experienced in personal injury law and in dealing with insurers, you're likely to receive a higher settlement.

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultations before deciding whether or not to accept your case. If you're on the fence about hiring an attorney, talking to an attorney can help you make your decision.

When to Hire an Attorney

Seriously consider hiring a personal injury lawyer if your accident involves one or more of the following:

  • Major injuries or the worsening of existing injuries.
  • Death.
  • Extended hospital stays and/or significant medical bills.
  • Wage loss from inability to work.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist(s).
  • Shared fault.
  • Non-economic losses like reduced quality of life, loss of companionship, or pain and suffering.

When your accident involves any of the above, your claim can get messy and complicated quickly. An attorney will help you sort through these issues with the insurance company and seek the compensation you deserve.

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