Pay Traffic Ticket in Vermont

Pleading Guilty to Your VT Ticket

When you pay your VT traffic ticket outright, you're admitting guilt; in general, it's a “guilty" plea, though the state refers to it as pleading “admitted" or “no contest."

When you enter an “admitted" or “no contest" plea, expect the following:

  • You might be able to pay your ticket fine online or by mail.
  • Based on your violation, the state will assign points to your driving record.
  • Your driver's license might be suspended or revoked.
    • The state suspends driver licenses once drivers accumulate a certain number of points.
    • Your violation might be one that leads to automatic license suspension.
  • More severe offenses—such as driving while intoxicated—mean more severe penalties.
  • You could face higher car insurance rates the next time you renew your policy.

If you decide to plead “admitted" or “no contest," make sure to pay your traffic ticket fine within 21 days to avoid additional fines and penalties.

CDL Drivers & VT Tickets

Traffic violation convictions bring a few different repercussions for Vermont CDL holders; for example:

  • You must notify your employer within 30 days of a violation conviction.
    • This applies no matter what type of vehicle you were driving when you received the ticket.
  • You must notify the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 30 days of a violation conviction in another jurisdiction.
    • Also applies regardless of the vehicle you were operating.
  • Depending on the violation, you might face steeper penalties than would a regular driver.
    • Some violations lead to temporary suspension or permanent revocation of your CDL.

For more details, refer to the VT Commercial Driver's Manual.

How to Pay Your VT Traffic Ticket

Unless your traffic ticket states you must appear in court, you can pay your fine online or by mail.

Note that:

  • You must pay your fine within 21 days of receiving the ticket or:
    • You'll owe an extra $20 fine.
    • The state could turn you in to a collection agency.
  • You can request a deadline extension (see below).
  • You need your traffic ticket to pay your fine.


Pay your ticket fine online using the state's court payment website.

When you pay using the online system, it can take time for the court to notify the DMV; plan accordingly.

Other Payment Methods

You can pay your VT traffic ticket by mail.

Send a check or money order for the amount printed on your ticket to:

Judicial Bureau
P.O. Box 607
White River Junction, VT 05001

Make sure:

  • You write your citation number on your check or money order.
  • Your correct address is printed on your Vermont traffic ticket.
    • If it isn't, include your current address with your payment.

Request a Payment Extension

You can request a deadline extension with the Vermont Judicial Bureau if you're unable to pay your VT traffic ticket fine on time.

To do so:

  • Complete the Request for Extension of Time of Pay (Form 500-00423).
  • Determine how much you want to pay for your partial payment.
    • You must include a partial payment; the form details the minimum amounts, which are based on how many citation fines for which you're requesting an extension.
  • Mail the form and partial payment to:
    • Vermont Judicial Bureau
    • P.O. Box 607
    • White River Junction, VT 05001

Defensive Driving & VT Tickets

It's not likely your judge will offer a defensive driving course for ticket dismissal, and the state doesn't deduct points from your driving record for completing a traffic school.

However, you might:

  • Complete a defensive driving course for an auto insurance discount.
    • This depends entirely on your coverage provider; make sure this is an option.
  • Be eligible for Vermont's Driving With License Suspended (DLS) Program.
    • This is not a traffic school; it's a program that helps you regain your suspended driver's license while you pay off your fines and fees.
    • Generally, the program is reserved for people who have suspended driver licenses due to simple matters, such as point accumulation, and does not include people with suspended licenses due to serious offenses, like driving under the influence.

Adjust Your Car Insurance Rates

Most likely, your car insurance company will increase your rates after a traffic violation conviction. Of course, this depends on your provider's policies, so ask whether you face higher rates.

If you find out you're facing an increase, start comparing insurance quotes online to find more affordable rates.

Check Your VT Driving Record

Whether you plead “admitted" or “no contest" and pay your fine outright, or you challenge your ticket in court, check your driving record to make sure:

  • It reflects ONLY the traffic violations and the points associated with the violations:
    • To which you plead “admitted" or “no contest."
    • For which you were found “guilty" in court.
  • Your driving privileges are intact.

Find out how to check your driving record and apply for any necessary corrections.


Request for Extension of Time to Pay
Use this form to request more time to pay a violation or ticket in Vermont.
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