Motorcycle License in Vermont

Vermont is the Green Mountain State, and riding a motorcycle throughout its varied terrain is a greener way to explore the state's beautiful mountains. The two were practically made for each other.

Of course, to enjoy the privilege of seeing VT from atop your hog, you'll have to earn your motorcycle license by following the steps laid out by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

New to Vermont

Congratulations on your move! You have 60 days after settling into Vermont to transfer your out-of-state license.

If you have an out of state motorcycle license/endorsement you wish to transfer, too, you're in luck! It's the same process as transferring a driver's license to Vermont. Make sure to check the appropriate box in your application to let the DMV know you'll be switching your motorcycle endorsement, too!

VT Motorcycle Endorsement Eligibility

To qualify for a Vermont motorcycle license, you'll have to:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
    • Applicants 17 years old or younger must also have a parent/guardian signature to apply.
  • Have a VT driver's license or junior operator license.
  • Pass the motorcycle written exam.
  • Pass the motorcycle skills test.
  • Pay the appropriate fees.

You can also bypass the DMV altogether by completing a VT motorcycle education course, as long as you:

  • Are at least 16 years old.
  • Have a VT driver's license.

Read below for more details on how to get through this process.

Motorcycle Permits in Vermont

First thing's first: you'll have to earn your permit before you can get your Vermont motorcycle license.

Remember: you can skip this step if you successfully pass a VT motorcycle education course.

If you choose the DMV route, you'll have to schedule an appointment with your local Department of Motor Vehicles office and:

  • Pass the motorcycle knowledge test.
  • Pay the following fees:
    • $11 knowledge test fee.
    • $24 motorcycle permit fee.

The written exam can be difficult, so you might want to take a practice test first and give yourself a boost in preparation. If you choose an online practice test, you can take it with you to practice on the go!

If you don't pass right away, that's okay! You'll just have to wait at least 1 day before retaking your written exam.

Once you pass, you'll be issued your VT motorcycle permit. Time to start practicing!

Permit Limitations

Securing a permit is exciting and important. But remember, this step comes with its own set of rules.

Vermont motorcycle permit holders must NOT:

  • Carry any passengers.
  • Drive during non-daylight hours.
  • Ride anywhere besides Vermont.

Your permit will be valid for 120 days. If you're not ready to take the skills test at that point, don't worry. You'll be able to renew your permit, which will:

  • Make it valid for an additional 120 days.
  • Cost $24.

Find permit renewal forms at your local DMV office.

After renewing your permit 2 times, you won't be able to renew again unless you:

  • Wait at least 12 months from the last permit expiration date.
  • Retake your written test.

Getting Your VT Motorcycle License

One thing stands between you and your motorcycle now: the skills test.

You can bypass the VT DMV's on-road exam if you successfully complete a Vermont motorcycle education course.

If you decide to take the state-agency route, you'll have to schedule an appointment with a Department of Motor Vehicles office offering skills exams, and:

  • Bring the following:
    • Your Vermont driver's license.
    • Your motorcycle permit.
    • A motorcycle that's:
      • Inspected.
      • Insured.
      • In good mechanical condition.
  • Wear an approved helmet and eye protection.
  • Pay the $23 road test fee.

If you don't pass right away, that's okay! You can take the test again—you'll just have to wait 1 week before doing so.

Once you pass the exam, all that's left is paying the motorcycle license fee, and the new document will be yours. Time to ride off into the sunset!

Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program

The Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program offers a way for you to not only learn motorcycle safety and riding skills, but to bypass the DMV testing process and earn your license directly. This course is 4 hours long and is designed specifically for permit and endorsement applicants.

To qualify, you'll need to:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
    • Applicants under 18 years old need parent or guardian permission to attend.
  • Have a Vermont driver's license.
  • Pay the $185 course fee.
    • Represents Basic RiderCourse fee only. Other course level fees vary.

After passing the course, you'll automatically be eligible for a VT motorcycle license.

If you're a pre-enrolled student, your license will be issued directly through the course.

If you were added on a standby basis, you'll be mailed a completion card within 10 days. You'll have to bring this to your local DMV office and pay the appropriate motorcycle license fee to complete the process.

You can sign up for a course online through the VT Department of Motor Vehicles.

Motorcycle License Fees in VT

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles charges the following for motorcycle licenses and related services:

  • Motorcycle knowledge test: $11.
  • Motorcycle learner's permit: $24.
    • Learner's permit renewal: $24.
  • On-road motorcycle exam: $23.
  • Basic RiderCourse: $185.
  • Motorcycle endorsement: $4.
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