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A personal driving record can be obtained via the Vermont DMV. A potentially faster and more convenient option is to get a copy of your driver record from our approved partner.

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Driving Records in Vermont

A motor vehicle record (MVR) from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) contains your driving history over a set period of time.

If your VT driver record displays multiple violations, you could suffer a negative financial impact in the long run. Below you'll find out how the contents of a driving record in Vermont could affect your car insurance rate and employment opportunities.

Information on Your VT Driving Record

In chronological order, your Vermont motor vehicle record (MVR) will show the following information (if applicable):

  • Traffic violations, convictions and accidents.
  • License suspensions, revocations and disqualifications.
  • Points on your Vermont driver's license
    • Points remain on a VT driving record for 2 years.
  • Failed court appearances.
  • Restrictions (e.g., if you require glasses while driving).

Every auto insurance company monitors Vermont motor vehicle records. Drivers whose VT driving records carry a long list of traffic convictions, violations and/or accidents are immediately red flagged as high-risk. By maintaining a clean driving record in Vermont, you could pay a lower auto insurance rate.

Who Sees Your VT Driving Record

Under the mandates of the federal Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), your Vermont driving record can be requested by organizations including:

  • Potential employers interested in verifying your personal information.
  • Auto insurance companies.
  • Any motor vehicle related entity (e.g., emission stations, auto dealers, driver safety, etc.).
  • Government agencies or any court of law.

Conducting background checks with the driving record of a job applicant is standard practice for employers, especially if the job involves driving. All the more reason to maintain a clean driving record in Vermont.

Order Your VT Driving Record

You may submit a request for your VT driving record by mail or in person. The VT DMV offers a couple types of motor vehicle records containing your:

  • 3-year driving history.
  • Complete driving history.

While the VT DMV does not offer motor vehicle records online, you may use third-party online providers at the top of this page to obtain an uncertified driving record in Vermont.

In Person

You may order your VT motor vehicle record in person at the Vermont DMV office in Montpelier ONLY.

To obtain a copy of your driving record in person, you must:

  • Complete and sign the Vermont DMV Record Request (Form VG-116).
    • Fill in the “release" section of the form to verify you're authorized to submit a request.
  • Submit copies of your identification documents.
    • If you're not sure which documents to bring, please call the VT DMV at (802) 828-2000.
  • Payment for your Vermont certified driving record fee:
    • 3-year driving history: $14.
    • Complete driving history: $20.
      • To find out how to pay in person, please view the section below titled “Acceptable Payment Methods."

The VT DMV will issue your driving record immediately.

By Mail

To request your VT motor vehicle record by mail, be sure to include:

  • Your completed Vermont DMV Record Request (Form VG-116).
    • Fill in the “release" section of the form to show authorization to submit a request.
  • Copies of your identification documents.
    • If you're not sure which documents are acceptable, please call the Vermont DMV at (802) 828-2000.
  • Payment by check for your certified VT driver record fee:
    • 3-year driving history: $14.
    • Complete driving history: $20.
  • Send your documents and payment to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State St.
Montpelier, VT 05603

Your driving record will be mailed to you.

Fees for Driving Records in Vermont

Expect to pay the following fees for ordering your VT driver history:

  • 3-year driving record: $14.
  • Complete driving record: $20.

Acceptable Payment Methods

The VT DMV office in Montpelier accepts:

  • Cash.
  • Checks.
  • Money orders.
  • Credit or debit cards (e.g., Discover, MasterCard, and VISA).

If paying by mail, you must pay with a check.

Correcting Information on VT Driving Records

If you suspect any errors on your driving record related to violations, suspensions, convictions and/or points, you'll need to contact the presiding court or ticketing officer in Vermont.

Otherwise, if the error is in your name or address, contact the Vermont DMV at (802) 828-2000.


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