Dealer-related Information in Vermont

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) rates as your best source for dealer information. You can call the DMV at (802) 828-2000 or check out the Dealer Permit and Licensing page.

Dealership License Renewals

Your dealer license must be renewed annually. Unlike some states where there is one set renewal date, Vermont staggers the renewal process throughout the year. The date your renewal is due depends on when your license was first issued.

All renewals are subject to a Dealer Inspection Audit. To protect yourself, make sure you keep the following records on the premises for a minimum of 6 years―for every single vehicle that comes through your doors:

  • Name and address of seller and purchaser.
  • The vehicle's engine number, maker number, and chassis number.
  • A statement, if it applies, that any identification numbers have been altered or obliterated.
  • A certificate of vehicle ownership from the time of vehicle delivery to the time it is sold.
  • Odometer disclosure statements.


Avoid making false promises with your advertising. Do not make any rebate offers or money-back guarantees that you can't deliver on. Vermont's Attorney General has a specific code against such practices and does not need a consumer complaint to file charges if it suspects you of false advertising.

Documentation Fees

Be certain you understand what you can and cannot charge as documentation fee. The state amended this law several years ago to clear the air on what exactly consumers could be charged for under the "documentation fee" label.

Deceptive Pricing

The Vermont Attorney General is vigilant about going after any business suspected of deceptive pricing strategies. It has laws against such underhanded practices. Educating yourself on what the state defines as deceptive pricing is strongly suggested.

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