DMV Appointments in Vermont

Whether skiing down physical mountains, or eating up figurative mountains of the country's best ice cream, there are plenty of things to do in Vermont that are more fun than visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Give yourself as much time as possible to enjoy them by planning your trip to the DMV ahead of time, allowing you to breeze in and out of the government agency more quickly.

Types of DMV Appointments in Vermont

In VT, you not only have the option of scheduling appointments in advance, it's required for a number of transactions, including:

  • All written AND skills tests to earn your:
    • Standard license.
    • Commercial driver's license (CDL).
    • Motorcycle license.
  • Vision tests.

But before you pencil yourself in, make sure to check out all the online services offered in the state. It's possible you'll be able to complete your transaction without ever needing to leave the house at all.

How to Schedule a VT DMV Appointment

You can submit your appointment request in Vermont either:

If you choose to e-mail your request, you must include the following information in your email:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Telephone number.
  • VT DMV personal identification number, if available.
  • Type of test (written test, eye test, or road test).
  • Location of test.
  • Desired date and time.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the date, time and location of your test.

What to Bring to the VT DMV

A faster way through the DMV is all for naught if you need to revisit the Department of Motor Vehicles after forgetting to bring everything you need. Make sure to avoid that pitfall by figuring out what to bring ahead of time. We have a number of guides which can be a helpful way to compile a checklist when visiting the DMV for:

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