Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate, or what some in the know also refer to as a marriage record, serves as certified proof that you are legally married. The government classifies it in the Vital Records category.

Marriage certificates document the following information:

  • The involved participants.
  • Where they were married.
  • Who married them.
  • Who was in attendance.

The information then becomes available for public record.

Marriage Certificates and the DMV

When you change your name the DMV likes to know. This applies to driver licenses, state ID cards, and vehicle titles.

The process for Changing Your Name with the DMV after marriage is simple, provided that you can present your marriage certificate as proof.

Be sure, before visiting, that you change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) first. Some DMV offices will not accept name change applications until SSA verification is received.

And don't bring a photographed copy. The DMV only accepts original marriage certificates.

Duplicate Marriage Records

Should you lose your marriage certificate, apply for a duplicate through the county, state, or country where you were married or through a third-party company that expedites the process.

Most state Vital Record offices provide easy steps to follow, generally requiring:

  • A completed application.
  • One or two forms of identification (this varies by state).
  • Proper payment. Fees vary by state.

Processing time will depend on your state and ordering method. If you need your marriage record in a hurry, you may, for an extra fee, be given the option for expediting the process.

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