Boosting Sales with VHRs

Customers Like Vehicle History Reports

Customers appreciate honesty in a car dealer, especially when it comes to dealers of pre-owned cars. A pre-owned vehicle can be either dependable or dangerous, and car buyers want to know the deal―pun intended. As a dealer, you can help boost your sales and your reputation when you offer customers a CARFAX vehicle history report (VHR) for each vehicle they're interested in buying.

VHRs Provide Important Information to Prospects

When you provide a VHR to a customer, you are putting powerful information in his or her hands. Need proof? A CARFAX VHR reveals:

  • The vehicle's title and registration history
  • The vehicle's usage history, including fleets, rentals, and taxis
  • Water, fire, and hail damage, as well as accident damage, when such information is provided
  • Salvage, junk, or lemon status
  • Vehicle abandonment and theft
  • Odometer problems
  • Outstanding liens
  • Gray market activity

Offer a Value-Added Service With Vehicle History Reports

If you are willing to help your customers obtain information about a vehicle that could either make or break the deal, they see that you have their best interests in mind. When you assist your customers with VHRs, you prove you have nothing to hide. Your vehicles are safe; they've been inspected, and all repairable VHR blemishes have been dealt with accordingly.

For more information about the importance of scoping out a vehicle before you sell it, check out our special report on running a report before you buy or sell.

Car dealers who are this helpful and honest boost their reputations as well as their sales. When buyers know they can trust you, they are more likely to purchase cars from you. Plus, word-of-mouth advertising travels a long way, and you can bet satisfied customers will tell their family members, friends, and co-workers about their experiences.

Obtaining a VHR

In order to help your customers easily obtain VHRs, you can partner with CARFAX, which specializes in the reports. It can even offer additional features and special pricing to dealers who team up with them.

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