DMV Practice Tests in Virginia

DMV Practice Tests in Virginia

Practice tests and other study tools can get you ready to take the Virginia driver's license knowledge test. Practice tests are available to help you obtain your learner's permit, driver's license, motorcycle license, and commercial driver's license (CDL).

Continue reading for complete details about Virginia DMV practice tests.

Take a Virginia DMV Practice Written Test

If you're applying for a driver's license, you'll need to read the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Driver's Manual to prepare for the written exam. You can also try a practice exam to test your knowledge.

Online practice tests offer several advantages. You can:

  • See if your practice test score meets the VA DMV's requirements.
  • Learn which topics you need to study more.
  • Feel more confident before taking your DMV exam.

Whether you're applying for your learner's permit or adding endorsements to your commercial driver's license (CDL), you can use a practice test to prepare.

  • Learner's permit practice tests are made for new drivers.
  • Driver's license practice tests are perfect for experienced drivers new to Virginia.
  • The examen de practica para la licencia allows you to practice in Spanish.
  • Road signs practice tests help you prepare for the road signs portion of the VA DMV test.
  • Motorcycle license practice tests get you ready to take the exam for a motorcycle permit or motorcycle license.
  • CDL practice tests help you prepare for the standard CDL test.
  • CDL endorsements practice tests are tailored to the individual tests required for various commercial endorsements.

When you get a practice test, you can choose a set of questions. This pool of questions will be used to generate limitless practice tests.

Additional Study Tools

You might not feel ready to try a practice test, or you might have taken one and gotten a lower score than you expected.

If you need additional or different preparation, you can try:

  • Online test prep courses, which are:
    • About an hour long.
    • Made up of videos and other electronic media.
    • Ideal if you need to focus on VA driving regulations.
  • Printable study guides, which are:
    • Compact and comprehensive notes.
    • Focused on key facts and road signs.
    • Great for studying on the go.

Paired with practice tests, these tools can enhance your preparation and ensure that you've learned everything you need to pass the VA DMV exam.

How to Pass the Virginia DMV Knowledge Test

If you're getting a learner's permit, which is required for all new drivers, you must take the VA DMV written test.

Some new residents may also have to take the written test to obtaina Virginia driver's license.

The test is offered at VA DMV offices. It is computer-based and available in multiple languages, as well as American sign language.

Passing the Written Exam

The Virginia DMV knowledge test has 2 parts:

  • Part 1:
    • Road signs.
    • You must get ALL 10 questions right to move on to the second part of the test.
  • Part 2:
    • VA driving laws and safety.
    • You must get 24 of the questions right to pass the test.

The test questions are based on information found in the Virginia DMV Driver's Handbook.

Practice tests can help you prepare for both parts of the DMV test.

What happens if you fail the VA DMV written test?

If you fail the written knowledge exam, you'll have wait 15 days before you can retake it.

    If you fail 3 times, you must complete a classroom-based driver's education course before retaking the exam.

    Being unprepared costs time and money. Make sure you're ready for the written knowledge test by taking practice tests or using other prep tools.

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