Disability Plates and Placards in Virginia

Disability Placards & Plates in Virginia

If you live in Virginia and have a disability, you can apply for a disabled parking placard or plate from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The DMV issues permanent and temporary placards, placards for institutions, and license plates for people with permanent and military-related disabilities.

Types of Disability Plates & Placards

Virginia offers the following disabled placards and license plates:

  • Permanent placard: If you have a physical disability that is not expected to improve.
  • Temporary placard: Valid for up to 6 months, if your disability is expected to improve.
  • Institutional placards: For non-profit groups and organizations that regularly transport disabled people.
  • Disabled license plates: If you have a permanent disability.
  • Disabled veteran plates: Can also include a registration fee exemption.

To be eligible for disability placards and plates, you must have medical certification.

Disabled Visitors to Virginia

If you are visiting Virginia from another state, you can use your disability parking permit from your state. The state of Virginia recognizes disabled parking placards and license plates from all other states.

Rules and Restrictions

All disabled placards and plates allow you to park in signed disabled parking spots in Virginia.

Your disability placard or license plate is only valid when you use it, it cannot be used by anyone else.

Apply for Disabled Parking in Virginia

You can apply for your Virginia placard or plate:

  • By mail.
  • In person.

To apply for a handicap parking permit, you will need:

  • A completed Disabled Parking Placard or License Plates Application (Form MED 10).
  • Medical certification provided ON the application form by a:
    • Physician.
    • Physician's assistant.
    • Nurse practitioner.
    • Chiropractor or podiatrist (for certain disabilities only).
  • Payment for fees:
    • Placards: $5, paid by check or money order made out to “DMV."
    • License plates: Normal registration fees.

Submit your application materials to the VA DMV in person or by mail to:

P.O. Box 85815
Richmond, VA 23285

When you apply in person, you'll receive a receipt to use as your disability permit until your official permit arrives.

You can monitor the delivery status of your placard or plate using the Virginia My DMV online service. You should receive it within 15 days of submitting your application.

Institutions and Organizations

If you're part of an institution or organization that regularly transports people with disabilities, you can apply for a free disabled parking placard in Virginia.

Simply complete the Institutional/Organizational Disabled Parking Placard Application (Form MED 11) and send it to the address specified on the form.

Disabled Veterans License Plates

If you are a disabled veteran, you can receive a disabled veteran designation license plate for 1 vehicle. There is no charge for the plate.

To apply for the plate, submit a completed Veteran Certification of Disability (Form VSA 54). It must include:

  • Veterans Administration certification.
  • Medical certification.

Mail your application to the address specified on the form.

Renew VA Placards & License Plates

All Virginia placards and license plates expire after a certain time period:

  • Permanent disabled placards: 5 years.
  • Temporary disabled placards: Up to 6 months.
  • Institutional or organizational placards: 5 years.
  • Disabled license plates: Expire with your car registration.

Depending on the type of permit you have, your renewal process will vary:

  • Temporary ($5) or institutional placards: Re-application required. See “How to Apply for Disabled Parking in VA" above.
  • Disability license plates: Renew your vehicle registration.
  • Permanent placard ($5):

Replace Virginia Disabled Permits

If your disability placard is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can replace it using the same process as renewing a placard. See “Renew VA Placards & Plates" above.

For information about replacing lost, stolen, or damaged license plates, see our page about replacing Virginia car registrations.


VSA 54
Veteran Certification of DIsability
Certify you're a disabled veteran to qualify for exemption from registration fees AND to apply for special license plates through the Virginia DMV. Must be completed by a medical professional.
MED 11
Institutional/Organizational Disabled Parking Placard Application
Apply for Virginia institutional/organizational disabled parking placards on company vehicles (e.g. for hospitals and nursing homes).
MED 10
Disabled Parking Placard or License Plates Application
Application for VA disabled parking plates OR placards. Must be completed by a medical professional.
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