Salesperson License in Virginia

Before you can start wheeling and dealing, you must first obtain a vehicle salesperson license as dictated by the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVBD).

How to Apply

The Test

First you must pass the salesperson test. You can prepare by pouring over the MVBD's Salesperson Study Guide.

Take the test at any Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) service center. Cost per test: $50.

If you fail, there is no waiting period to retake the exam, but you must pay the fee every time you take the test.

After Passing the Test

Once you pass, you'll be issued a "Temporary Certificate of Qualification," which, essentially, grants you permission to apply for a salesperson's license. You must directly apply through the dealership you will be working for. To expedite the process, mail the Application for Certificate of Qualification/Salesperson's License (Form DSD 7) and the fee to:

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
  • 2201 West Broad St
  • Richmond, VA 23220

Your fee will be either $50 or $100, depending on your dealership's renewal period.

Once the application has been submitted, a criminal background will be conducted. If your criminal record is deemed spotless, you should be issued a salesperson license within 7 business days.


Application for Certificate of Qualification/Salesperson's License
Use this form to apply for a certificate or license to sell motor vehicles.
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