Traffic Ticket FAQ in Utah

What do I do if I get a traffic ticket in Utah?

You must first decide how you will plead―guilty or not guilty―and take proper action before the deadline listed on your UT traffic ticket. Ignoring the date could lead the court to issue a warrant for your arrest and suspend your driver’s license.

If you decide to plead guilty, check out our page on paying a traffic ticket. You might be able to pay your traffic ticket fines online depending on the severity of the traffic infraction. If you decide to plead not guilty and contest the traffic ticket, visit our page on fighting your traffic ticket. Here you'll learn more on appearing in court and negotiating with the prosecuting attorney.

How can I get a UT traffic ticket dismissed?

Instead of dismissing traffic tickets, Utah offers its drivers three ways to remove points from their driving records. You can either:

  • Take an approved defensive driving course once every 3 years to have 50 points removed.
  • Drive for 1 year without being convicted of a moving traffic violation to have half of your points removed.
  • Drive for 2 years without being convicted of a moving traffic violation to have all of your points removed.

What if I have a UT CDL and get a traffic ticket?

The procedures for handling traffic tickets are the same for Utah commercial drivers as they are for those with a regular license; UT CDL holders must pay the fines or fight the traffic ticket before the deadline on your citation. If convicted, then you must also notify your employer of any traffic violations. This is the case no matter what type of vehicle you were driving. Keep in mind parking tickets don't count.

For more on traffic violations and penalties for CDL drivers, refer to our page on traffic ticket fines and penalties and the Utah's Commercial Driver License Handbook.

What if I am younger than 21 and get a traffic ticket in Utah?

First decide whether to pay the fines or contest the traffic ticket before the deadline on your citation. If you don't take action before this date, the court could issue a warrant for your arrest or suspend your driving privileges.

If you are convicted, you'll see an increase in the points on your driving record. The state enlists a stricter point system for those UT drivers younger than 21 years old. Accumulating 70 or more within 3 years period means you will face:

  • A hearing and subsequent suspension
  • Denial of driving privileges from 1 month to 1 year

Visit our page on traffic ticket fines and penalties for more info.

Will taking a motorcycle safety course help me with a UT traffic ticket I got while riding?

Utah doesn't offer traffic ticket dismissal for those convicted a moving traffic violation. Instead, UT drivers and motorcycle riders can reduce the number of points on their driving record by taking a state-approved defensive driving course or driving without getting pulled over and ticketed.

Can I take a defensive driving course to reduce the number of UT driver's license points on my driving record?

Yes. Completing a state-approved defensive driving course will remove 50 points from your driving record. You can only use this method of point reduction once every 3 years.

Why is it a good idea to order a driving record?

Because points on your driving record affect your driving privileges and your auto insurance rates, consider checking your driving record after getting a traffic ticket and completing a defensive driving course. You especially want to be sure the state's record accurately reflects the accurate number of points associated with your UT driver's license.

What is the cost of my Utah traffic ticket?

Traffic ticket fines vary by offense, although Utah judges use a universal fine schedule as a basis. If your ticket doesn't include the exact amount owed, consult our page on Utah traffic ticket fines and penalties. If you've misplaced your traffic citation, go to out page on tracking down lost traffic tickets.

How many points will I get if convicted?

Points differ by offense. Plus, a judge can vary them up or down for any violation except for speeding tickets. Consult our page on Utah traffic ticket fines and penalties for a list of traffic violations and the number of points assigned to each.

How can I find a lost traffic ticket online?

Utah doesn't offer a statewide online ticket search option for all counties and cities. However, you do have a few convenient options depending on who ticketed you and where you were cited. Check out our page on tracking down a lost traffic ticket.

When is it a good idea to hire a Utah traffic ticket attorney?

If you decide to fight your traffic ticket, consider consulting a traffic ticket lawyer well versed in Utah traffic laws and familiar with traffic court. You might also check with the court if you can have an attorney stand in for you should you have difficulty making your court date.

How many driving record points can I accumulate before the state suspends my UT driver's license?

Once you accumulate 200 points on your driving record, you'll face license suspension. Learn more on our page on traffic ticket penalties. Keep in mind that you can reduce your driving record points before it comes time for such a penalty.

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